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Loeffler shares thoughts on potential Golovkin retirement

Tom Loeffler thinks GGG will put away any thoughts of retirement once he feels the buzz of this event.

K2 promoter Tom Loeffler talks to FightHub and answers questions about making Canelo-Golovkin and where Gennady Golovkin goes from here....

Loeffler on if he thinks Canelo-Golovkin ends in a KO:

“...I think the styles that they bring to the ring, the excitement they bring to the ring, non-stop aggression, I just think it’s not going to be surprising if it ends in a knockout. Gennady has the highest knockout percentage of any middleweight champion in history and I think he’s going to bring that power, and motivation now that he’s finally got the dream fight he’s been looking for. He’s going to be super motivated to really put on a great show for the fans.”

On when he knew the fight was going to be made:

“The week of the Chavez fight [laughs]. We signed the fight the week of the Chavez fight and we announced it like three, four days later...”

On if his side is happy with the split they’re getting from Golden Boy:

“We’re happy that we got the fight. There were concessions on our side, there were concession on their side, but I think in the end the fans are the ones that win and this is, I think, Gennady’s career defining fight. I think it’s the biggest fight really on both sides career, right now, and the winner should really be the best fighter in the sport of boxing.”

On if he thinks Gennady will retire with a win over Canelo:

“I don’t think so. I mean he had kind of alluded to that but this is his dream fight. I think once he sees all the reaction he’s gonna get from this fight here - I mean you see the fan reaction, the media reaction - I think it’s just gonna be one more step in his career.”

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