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Horn has 10-point game plan to beat Pacquiao

Jeff Horn talks about his preparations heading into the biggest fight of his life.

In this segment of the Pacquiao-Horn press conference caught by FightHype, Jeff Horn fields media questions about how he’s getting ready for Manny Pacquiao, including a 10-point game plan that’s designed for him to pull off a huge upset. Check out what he had to say...

Horn on his training camp:

“The prep is basically finished. Now it’s just sharpening the tools and making sure that I’m not over-trained, so this is the relaxation-type week, even though we’re still gonna get some short, hard stuff in. It’s pretty much an ease-off to what I was doing.

On his trainer’s game plan for the fight:

“It’s a plan that I’ve heard him speak to me about a thousand times, so reading it over is just like listening to him talk to me in the ring so, I think what he’s written down is spot on and I think we can get the job done if I can follow it...

“He’s been telling me these 10 points for a long time in this preparation but he only sent it to me over the weekend and said just to read it over a few times to make sure that I’ve got it clarified, what I need to do, and I’ve read it over a couple times now and as I said, it’s just like listening to Glenn talk to me when I read it. It’s perfectly worded of what I need to do.”

“...the Marquez knockout has definitely been probably our main point. Marquez has fought Pacquiao brilliant, probably the best anyone has fought Pacquiao, so he’s someone that we have looked at a lot to land the same punch that Marquez did in the fight which is that big overhand right - that’s definitely what we’ll be looking for.”

On the event itself:

“It’s definitely massive for Australia having this fight here in Brisbane especially, just having the fight would be a massive boost for Australia...that’s credit to Duco Events, they’ve done a massive job getting it here, and the government - Tourism Queensland. Everyone’s done their job to get the fight here so if I can win it, then it changes Australian boxing, I think, big time.”

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