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IBF orders Dirrell-Uzcategui rematch

Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui will need to meet again according to the sanctioning body.

Andre Dirrell v James DeGale Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Yesterday the IBF ordered a rematch to one of the most controversial fights of the year - between Andre Dirrell and Jose Uzcategui. Their first meeting in May ended in dramatic fashion when Uzcategui unloaded a combination at the end of the eighth round, clipping Dirrell with a late shot that sent him to the canvas, unable to continue.

Uzcategui had been previously warned in the fight for hitting after the bell, and the final late punch would be deemed intentional by the referee, causing Uzcategui to be disqualified. That decision drew a lot of debate from fans, some who thought the punch was clearly accidental, and some who were more pissed off in believing that Dirrell was deliberately feigning his inability to continue.

Now, after official review, the IBF says Dirrell and Uzcategui must do it again, referencing two key points according to RingTV: 1) Referee Bill Clancy told Dirrell he would be the winner by DQ before the official announcement was made, which go against the rules; and 2) There’s no clear evidence that the punch that ended the fight was an intentional foul.

If Uzcategui’s final blow had been ruled accidental, the fight would’ve been sent to the scorecards where Uzcategui was up on two of the three scorecards — which would’ve made him the winner by technical decision.

When the rematch will take place has yet to be determined, but you can be assured that trainer Leon Lawson won’t be in attendance, and won’t get a second chance to tee off on Uzcategui while he’s not looking.

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