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Golovkin: Age is biggest problem in Canelo fight

Gennady Golovkin joins The Cruz Show to talk about his big fight against Canelo Alvarez.

Gennady Golovkin stopped by Power 106’s The Cruz Show to talk about his big upcoming fight with Canelo Alvarez in September. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below with the full video interview above.

Golovkin on if he got impatient waiting for the Canelo fight to come together:

“Absolutely, I’m very hungry right now because, you know, long time - last two, three years I wanted this fight because everybody knows who is Canelo and everybody knows my style. Right now everybody very excited. I believe September 16, this is biggest day not only for Mexican people, because of independence day, I think this is biggest day, biggest gift, present to boxing people.

“I believe we’re bringing boxing position back - like old school.”

Golovkin on being very popular among Mexican fans:

“I’m very, very appreciate my friends - not my fans - my friends from Mexico because my coach Abel Sanchez, he’s from Tijuana. You know, he’s original, he born in Mexico. He bring my style, Mexican style. I had couple experience, you know, like Soviet Union, like American experience right now - I love it, last seven years I have Mexican style. And, you know, I like food, tradition, music, party, everything!”

On his favorite Mexican food:

“Oh, everything! Tacos, burritos, soup...oh please, please, please stop [talking about food].

On who he thinks the Mexican fans will be rooting for on fight night:

“You know, this is biggest day for us. Seriously, I respect both this fight and I respect all fans because people love it, boxing. I think people win for this fight, you know. And of course I understand Canelo, he’s original from Mexico and I have too, you know, Mexican blood. Last year, my whole life stay with Mexican.

“I think people win and people very enjoying this fight because you know this is true fight, this is amazing fight, boxing, and this is like a first class, like first champion fight.”

On if he has a personal friendship with Canelo:

“No, right now we’re friends and we’re both understand this situation, this position. I respect his situation, I respect his position because the last couple years he’s very - he destroy everybody. I know this is hard work and I’m staying in middleweight division, and, you know, in my division I’m longtime champion so it’s very interest. Very interest for us.”

On his biggest problem heading into the Canelo fight:

“Probably age. You know, I think so because right now just, I have experience in middleweight division, he a little bit younger. And both, we’re hungry. And both we understand situation. Who wins I think is pound-for-pound, you know, best in the world...I think [it’s a 50-50 fight].”

On why Mayweather will come back to fight McGregor but not him:

“It’s business for him. You know: easy business, easy money.

“...this is my point, you know, if you want to watch true fight, true boxing fight, please welcome to September 16th. If you want show, I don’t know, easy money show, nice show, funny show, I don’t know - famous show - it’s different.”

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