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Porter: No one is fighting Thurman before me!

Shawn Porter talks about his WBC mandatory position and seeking a rematch with Keith Thurman.

In this video interview with Marcos Villegas of FightHub, Shawn Porter talks about where he wants to go from here in his career. Check it out...

Porter on what he’s been up to:

“...At this point we fought Andre Berto a few months ago now and now we’re mandatory for that WBC title that Keith Thurman has in his possession so we want to take that from him as soon as possible.”

On his take on the Brook-Spence fight:

“[Spence] did a very good job. He did a very good job. I thought the fight was close, up until six rounds, I think I had it dead even after six rounds, and then a lot like Ward and Kovalev, Errol Spence started to pull over and take over the fight and even made him take a knee. I just thought he was strong, smart, did all the right things and that’s what you’re supposed to do so congratulations to him.

On how Spence had success against Brook where he fell short:

“Errol did what I didn’t do. Errol was patient, Errol picked his punches and he handled the fight. He managed the fight very well, unlike me, I went in there for 12 rounds literally trying to knock someone out, trying to hit him with every punch that I threw, and knock him out with every punch that I threw.

“So, definitely the patience that Errol Spence showed was definitely seen and it showed up - I think the patience that showed in the fight, it proved to work for him.”

On if he thinks he’ll have to wait on his mandatory shot at Thurman as he and Spence seem to be keen on unifying titles:

“Well we have to wait for Keith to get healthy. Uh, he just had the elbow surgery. After that we will make sure that he understands that we’re the mandatory for this fight and no one’s gonna fight you before I fight you! Simple as that.”

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