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Algieri talks Pacquiao-Horn, describes Pacquiao’s power

Chris Algieri talks about what makes Manny Pacquiao such a difficult opponent.

Chris Algieri chats it up with FightHub to talk about Manny Pacquiao’s fight against the little-known Jeff Horn this weekend (which is very similar to his own fight against Pacquiao a few years ago).

Algieri on what he makes of the Pacquiao-Horn fight:

“Umm, you know, I don’t know much about the guy [Horn]. I don’t know what they’re really looking for. It’s a dangerous fight ‘cause a guy like that beats you - you know, you just made somebody.

“I think that Team Pacquiao is smart enough to choose the right kinda fights, at this point in his career at least. And they know, people are gonna tune in to watch Pacquiao fight. I will.”

On how he would compare Pacquiao’s power to that of Danny Jacobs:

“It’s a different punch...I mean I’ve fought a lot of great punchers in my day and everybody punches differently. People always ask me ‘oh does this guy hit hard, does that guy...’, yeah, everybody hits hard. Amir Khan hits quite hard. You know, is he the hardest puncher? No. But, he hits hard. Everybody hits hard at this level.

“So, you know, it’s just a different kind of punch. Manny’s power is very surprising. He cuts good angles, you think you’re safe, and you’re not!...He just cuts such good angles, and he’s able to generate power from those’s definitely different.

“Danny’s power is more like spring-loaded. You know, almost like a Roy Jones-ish, not so wide but kinda like that really short [compact power].

“...[Pacquiao moves] and you lose him in your field of vision, but like you think he’s off balance but he’s not. He’s still able to crack ‘what just hit me?!’”

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