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Horn irked by Pacquiao’s texting during press conference

Jeff Horn believes Manny Pacquiao isn’t taking him seriously.

If you saw any of the Pacquiao-Horn press conference, you’ll know that Pacquiao made more headlines by what he didn’t say. Manny Pacquiao spent much of the press conference focused on his cell phone — much to chagrin of Jeff Horn and his promoter who perceive that as Pacquiao not taking this fight very seriously.

Horn on Pacquiao texting during the presser:

“Yes, I did notice Manny Pacquiao on his phone, once again,” Horn said. “He got called out for it on stage with my promoter, Dean, and [Pacquaio got a bit rattled]. But I don’t know what he’s doing on it, whether he’s writing notes, but he should have a notepad.

“But, um, you know, I tell the kids at school get off your phones when I’m talking so, he should do the same I guess.”

On If he found it to be a sign of disrespect from Pacquiao:

“Look, in our culture I think if someone’s on their phone and there’s about 100 people here that’s come to watch and he’s showing that he’s not listening and not really caring about what people are saying by being on your phone. If he had a piece of paper in front of him and he’s writing notes, it’d be a different story.”

On Pacquiao showing up very late to the presser:

“He’d be definitely on detention, that’s for sure. If he came late to class, 45 minutes, class is pretty much over, you’d definitely be staying in lunchtime.

“Look, I’m just staying calm, staying relaxed because I don’t want to burn that energy that I need. I’ve got to go to training after this as well so I’ve got to stay as with it as I can to get through that. There’s not much left I have to do but I’m just looking forward to the fight and I’m leaving the nerves as much as possible and keeping them down til the day I need a little bit of nerves just to get myself ready.”

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