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Bad Left Hook Pick'em - Summer Series Week 3

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What’s got no thumbs and is on the main page? This league. It’s week 3 and we’re official. I’m not a "made" man yet, though. Perhaps due to my Irish roots? Shout out to DerGergis for reaching out and making this happen. For those seeing this for the first time, I cannot stress enough, it is not too late to join. Check out last week’s results . Half the league is at or below the points they started with. Now go get your effing shineboxes.


-Everyone starts with 15 points

-You have to pick the winner and method of victory

-Picking the winner will gain you 1 point(or cost you 1 point if you are incorrect)

-The method of victory point breakdown is as follows:

UD(unanimous decision) 1pt. if correct, -.5pt. if incorrect

KO/TKO(knockout/technical knockout) 3pts. if correct, -.5pt. if incorrect

SD/MD(split decision/majority decision) 4pts. if correct, -.5pt if incorrect

STR8(straight pick) 1 pt. if correct, -1pt. if incorrect

D/NC(Draw/No Contest) Contest is void. No points are awarded or taken

-If KO/TKO is chosen, take a guess at the round of the stoppage for a bonus point(No points will be deducted for wrong round).

-Underdog Bonus: Example: If a fighter is +250, you would receive a 2.5pt. bonus should you pick them and they win

-You have to pick every fight. A 'no pick' will cost you 2pts.

-Ties in the standings will be settled by who used the least "STR8" picks; then weekly head-to-head record; then coin toss; then guess which number I'm thinking of; then rock,paper scissors; finally, knife fight to the death

This week’s pick-em fights are:

Friday, June 30th

Easter vs Shafikov (+330)

Saturday, July 1st

Pacquiao vs Horn (+550)

Ancajas vs. Kinoshita (+1100)

Povetkin vs Rudenko (+2000) Nope. Just because the WBO & WBA sanctioned this doesn’t mean we have to. Instead we’ll go with…

David Touissant vs Shane Mosley Jr. (+140)

(All content courtesy of Bingo762)

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