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Stevenson vs Fonfara II: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Adonis Stevenson and Andrzej Fonfara headline tonight on Showtime.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

Tonight at 9:00 pm ET on Showtime from Centre Bell in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Adonis Stevenson puts his WBC light heavyweight title on the line against Andrzej Fonfara, in a rematch of their 2014 bout.

Stevenson (28-1, 23 KO) has won 15 straight fights and has held the WBC belt since upsetting Chad Dawson in 2013, rarely even so much as challenged in his defenses, some of which have been criticized for coming against non-contenders.

Fonfara (29-4, 17 KO) gave Stevenson a decent fight the first time around. Last year, he was stopped in one round by Joe Smith Jr, but rebounded earlier in 2017 against Dawson, rallying for a final round TKO.

Also on the card, Eleider Alvarez (22-0, 11 KO) will face Jean Pascal (31-4-1, 18 KO) in another light heavyweight showdown. Alvarez is Stevenson’s WBC mandatory, and if both win, they’re expected to square off later this year. Pascal, though, could be a wild card, a former champion who hasn’t done anything of real note since a pair of losses to Sergey Kovalev.

Wil Esco will be on the round by round call tonight. Join us!




ELEIDER ALVAREZ def. JEAN PASCAL by MD (114-114, 117-111, 116-112)




Round 1: Stevenson catches a few Fonfara jabs with his gloves. Fonfara continues to come forward with a prolific jab, then tries to sneak in a right to which Stevenson tries to counter with a big straight left. Stevenson tries a one-two combination, then another one where the left hand lands. Fonfara tags Stevenson which pisses Stevenson off, he comes forward with an attack and Stevenson drops Fonfara in the opening round! Fonfara beats the count but Stevenson tries to catch Fonfara with another hard shot to end this early. Stevenson throws two left hands that stuns Fonfara some more, then an uppercut, then a straight left. Stevenson hurts Fonfara again! Stevenson throws about a dozen consecutive left hands until the bell rings. Fonfara survives. Stevenson 10-8.

Round 2: Stevenson comes out and lands several straight left hands in a row! This is ugly. Fonfara is getting hit with the same punch over and over again and trainer Virgil Hunter steps on the apron and throws in the towel. This fight is over! Stevenson TKO-2.


Round 1: Alvarez comes out with a couple jabs to the body after feinting upstairs. Alvarez catches Pascal with a sharp jab. Alvarez touches Pascal again with a right hand to the body after missing on a head shot. A full minute into the fight and I don't think Pascal has landed a punch. Alvarez continues to get in his jab before Pascal can react or get off first. Now Pascal tries a jab to the body but Alvarez backs away out of range. Now Pascal lands a hard right hook that looks to momentarily stun Alvarez! Now Alvarez gets in his own solid right hook. Alvarez walks Pascal into a corner and lets go a couple of hard shots as the bell rings. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 2: Bothe fighters exchange jabs before Alvarez decides to follow up with a few power punches behind it. Alvarez continues to stalk Pascal around the ring and then tags his with a number of hard shots which forces Pascal to tie up. Alvarez gets Pascal with a few more hard shots after the break and Pascal ties up again, he might have been hurt by Alvarez's power. Pascal completely on the defensive and looking for spots to dodge more than throw. Alvarez catches Pascal with three more hard shots and is really putting a beating on Pascal in this round. Alvarez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Alvarez comes out right on the attack and Pascal is backed onto the ropes in the opening 10 seconds. So far this fight has the feel of Pascal looking to survive and not get seriously hurt than trying to win. Alvarez is bigger, stronger, fresher, and making a serious impression on Pascal. Pascal mugs to the crowd after he ties up from being strafed along the ropes. Alvarez catches Pascal with a hard flurry at the end of the round that staggers Pascal. Alvarez is in complete control early. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 4: Pascal comes out at the bell and basically lays himself on the ropes for Alvarez. Alvarez thinks Pascal by landing a couple hard shots before Pascal decides to try to get back to center ring. Hard left jab lands for Alvarez, then another one. Alvarez lands a third hard jab after doubling it up. Now Alvarez attacks with two hard hooks that clips Pascal.  Pascal ties up and tries to regain his bearings. Alvarez has been changing up his attack and unexpectedly ambushing Pascal with power shots. Referee warns Pascal for punching on the break. Alvarez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Alvarez attacks straight out the gate and strafes Pascal with a couple hard punches. Pascal finally attacks back and lands a couple shots of his own. Hard jab lands for Alvarez that snaps Pascal's head back a whole foot. Pascal tries to sneak in an overhand right but Alvarez spotted him coming and backs away. Alvarez throws two jabs then hooks off of it and lands flush on Pascal. Two more hard jabs land for Alvarez! The long hard jab is doing real damage to Pascal, who seems to be unraveling. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 6: Jab to the body lands for Alvarez, then one upstairs. Now Pascal throws a few jabs but they all fall short. Hard right hand catches Pascal's attention. A few more hard jabs lands for Alvarez and they continue to snap Pascal's head back violently. Pascal looks like he wants to mount a stand now and unloads a few of his own hard shots, unfortunately none land cleanly. Now Pascal lands a body shot. Alvarez doesn't take too kindly to that and returns fire with three punches of his own. Alvarez 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Alvarez comes out and pumps two jabs. Now he tries to follow it with a right hand that Pascal ducks. Hard right hand lands on Pascal's temple after a jab! Pascal tries to rally with a hard right hook to the body. More jabs land for Alvarez. Alvarez tags Pascal with a couple punches in an exchange as Pascal just has to try to duck away. Now Pascal tries to flurry at the 10-second mark but it's not enough for me. Alvarez is winning this fight with the jab alone if nothing else. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 8: Three hard jabs land for Alvarez in the opening 15 seconds of the round. Pascal has no answer for that punch. Now Alvarez catches Pascal with a short left hook as Pascal leaps in to attack. Pascal laying along the ropes behind a high guard and Alvarez cautiously throws a couple punches. Pascal throws a three punch combination and catches Alvarez to the body with a couple good punches. Now Pascal throws a clubbing right hand that doesn't land clean. Alvarez comes back with a couple more jabs but Pascal walks to him and throws a number of body shots. This might be his best work of the fight. I think Pascal finally gets on the board in this round. Pascal 10-9, 73-79.

Round 9: Alvarez leaps out with a hard jab, then follows it with a few more hard shots as Pascal backs to the ropes. Pascal finally ties up after get tagged in the corner. Hard overhand right lands for Alvarez. Hard uppercuts land for Alvarez that has Pascal in bad shape along the ropes. Pascal digs deep and attacks back with a number of punches, some of them low blows, but making a point that he's still here to fight. Alvarez weathers the attack and Pascal is right back on the ropes and Alvarez cautiously attacks again, looking for spots as he feels Pascal is trying to set him up for a counter. Close round, I think Alvarez takes it. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 10: Pascal comes out with a jab for a change. Alvarez gets it back. The action slows down for almost a full minute as both fighters are hesitant to lead. Alvarez throws another double jab as Pascal rushes in with his head low. Slow round, but Pascal catches Alvarez with a mean left hook towards the end. That wins the round for me. Pascal 10-9, 92-98.

Round 11: A couple jabs land for Alvarez and Pascal gets backed up to the ropes. Pascal gets tagged with another hard right hand, Pascal takes it well. Alvarez touches Pascal with another jab, then a jab-right cross. Pascal throws two hooks to the body as Alvarez peppers him with a couple more jabs. Pascal pulls a Manny Pacquiao and throws a double punch, the referee doesn't say anything about it. Pascal getting gritty in close quarters and throws a lot of punches on the inside. I still think Alvarez takes it. Alvarez 10-9.

Round 12: Alvarez pumps a few jabs and then Pascal tries to counter with a left that misses. Alvarez throws a check hook as Pascal jumps in and out. Alvarez tags Pascal with even more jabs and the pivots away from Pascal's counter attack. Pascal throws three punches, then catches a few more in return. Alvarez feints a jab and catches Pascal with a lead hook. Pascal throws a few uppercuts in close.The two slug it out to the final bell. Alvarez wins the round and the fight with his effective jabs. Alvarez 10-9. BLH scores it for Alvarez, 118-110.

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