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Mayweather displays sharp reflexes on double end bag

Let’s hope Conor McGregor has whiplash insurance.

Well, we’ve been pumping out content for all you fight fans out there and things are a little quiet on the news front today. So I figure what better way to fill the void than to talk a little more about the spectacle that is Mayweather-McGregor.

FightHub caught some recent footage of Mayweather in training and if you watch the video clip above you can see that while not even 100% yet, Floyd’s vintage reflexes and coordination are still intact - which can’t be a good omen for McGregor.

Quite honestly, this short clip is probably the most accurate preview of how all of you can all expect this fight to play out, should you not be inclined to drop a hundred bucks on the PPV (or whatever they end up pricing it at).

If that’s not clear enough let me just plainly state: I fully expect Floyd to toy with Conor and rattle his head just as he does with this double end bag! Floyd might even take less punishment during the actual fight.

...but then again, Conor does have this wild card up his sleeve.

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