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Manfredy: Don’t be fooled, Mayweather ain’t no pitty-pat puncher!

Angel Manfredy explains why Floyd Mayweather is a deceptively good puncher.

In this telephone interview with FightHype, former Floyd Mayweather opponent Angel Manfredy recalls his bout with Floyd many years ago and says that no one should be fooled by people thinking he doesn’t carry a good pop in his punch.

Manfredy on how Floyd was able to shake him up early in their fight:

“[Floyd catching me with a right hand wasn’t because of a mistake I made], he’s just, he pivoted while I was turning, he caught me with the right hand. So when I was setting up, he caught me while I was setting up and then buckled my knees ‘cause it was so fast. And so, speed is power. So don’t let nobody fool you and say speed’s not power. Speed is power, especially if it lands flush, right on the button, which it did...”

On if he thinks Mayweather’s power is underrated:

“Yes. Yeah. You know he ain’t no slouch. He ain’t not pitty-pat puncher, he has some sting on his shots...Don’t let nobody fool you. You saw what he did to [Diego] Corrales. Corrales opened up his mouth and Corrales got done up, he got tore up in that fight...

“Conor McGregor’s talkin’ all that stuff but he ain’t no world champion and he ain’t one of the best fighters in the world like Corrales was. Conor McGregor has zero fights. He’s gonna look like he has zero fights...”

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