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Broner says making 140lbs will be no problem

Adrien Broner is confident that he’ll be able to successfully meet the contracted weight to face Mikey Garcia.

Adrien Broner v Adrian Granados Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

During a media conference call transcribed by WBN, Adrien Broner talked to reporters about his upcoming fight against Mikey Garcia and answers questions surrounding his ability to make 140lbs pound, after having a history of missing weight.

When asked about his general thoughts on the fight, Broner responded:

“I mean, I’ve done a lot. I’ve done a lot in the sport already at a young age. I’ve watched Mikey Garcia come up before and at the same time I came up. I always want to fight the best. The best fight the best and that’s what’s going on today. This fight is going to be a tremendous fight and I’m bringing my A-game. I know a lot of people are probably counting me out.”

Broner was soon thereafter asked outright about hitting the 140lb mark, a weight he hasn’t made in a couple of years. Broner could only manage to make 140.5lbs over a year ago in his fight with Ashley Theophane, which lost him a world title on the scales, and would have fight Adrian Granados at a full 147lbs after a late increase he required. But to that Broner responds by simply mentioning that he’ll be going into this camp in better shape than his last outings.

“Making the weight is not going to be a problem. My last fight is coming from 180-plus. I’ve kept my weight down and I’ve actually been trying to fight somebody earlier than July. But since it’s July, I’ve kept my body in okay shape and I won’t have a problem making the weight.”

He would then go on to mention that he thrives off of adversity and that a big fight like this will provide exactly the kind of motivation he needs to be at his best. I suppose we’ll find out one way or another on July 29th.

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