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Rios: This is a second chance to show the world I'm not done!

Brandon Rios talks about what this comeback opportunity means to him.

Brandon Rios answers questions from FightHub about his return to boxing after retiring nearly two years ago. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below with the full video interview above...

On this comeback opportunity:

"Second opportunity to get back to the top...second chance to show everybody that I'm not done, to show the world that I'm not done yet. I'm ready to get back to the top. You know I started a new chapter in my life. I erased the other chapter which was great memories, but I gotta start a new chapter and be ready for this chapter now.

On if he felt restless from being out of the ring for so long:

"No, no, actually I was enjoying life. I was enjoying it, you know...Not only enjoying it but my body needed it, you know. My body needed some time to recover because I've been in some tremendous wars - three wars with Alvarado - and those fights wasn't easy...not only that but spending time with the family, catching up with my felt great. But eventually I guess it caught up to me and I started missing [boxing] and had to come back."

On what really gave him the feeling that he wanted to come back to boxing:

"I was watching a fight, I forgot what fight it was. I forget - it was a big fight...I was watching with my wife at my house and it was me, my wife, and some of my family...and I was watching it and I was like 'F*ck! Babe that could be me up there still, man. I know I still have it in me. That could f*cking be me, I know I can win a world title, f*ck, I really want it bad.'

She just told me straight out like 'Check it out, if you want to come back again, come back again. But you gotta do it now. You can't do it when you're 35, 38, when you're older because you're gonna get yourself hurt and I don't want you to get yourself hurt. You wanna do it, do it now and get it over with and that's it. Give it one more go and see if you still have it or not, give it a second chance.' And so she goes 'I'm gonna leave it up to you' and she goes 'also, if you do make a decision to come back you gotta do it right. None of this half-assed job losing weight at the last f*cking two weeks of the fight, lose 25lbs and kill yourself and you're f*cking dying because I don't wanna see what I saw in the Bradley fight. I don't want to see that sh*t again! And so do it f*cking right this time and you have my 100% supported.'

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