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Mayweather Sr. crashes McGregor’s press conference

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Conor McGregor has a little fun with Floyd Mayweather Sr. when he shows up to his media interviews.

When Conor McGregor sat down for the individual portion of the press conference in a smaller setting, Floyd Mayweather Sr. stopped by to exchange words with him, and McGregor just couldn’t resist having a little repartee with the old trainer.

“Your boy’s in trouble, Senior. Your boy’s in trouble,” McGregor started. “I’m just telling you he’s too small, he’s too frail...You’ve misadvised him, you should’ve kept him retired. It’s your fault!”

Shortly after a little back and forth between them, Mayweather Sr. struggled to ask McGregor a question, with McGregor eventually cutting in to say “spit it out!” Senior would shout some things about him beating McGregor’s ass personally, with him then taking a moment to demonstrate his hand speed to an applauding McGregor.

McGregor would finally antagonize Senior by saying that if he doesn’t keep it respectful, he might just choke his son out in the ring faster than Senior can jump in to intervene.