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Mayweather vs McGregor New York: Both fighters misstep in ugly third presser

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor didn’t connect in New York.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Los Angeles had spark, with Conor McGregor dominating the verbal war against a rusty Floyd Mayweather. Toronto was even better, with Mayweather getting himself back in the mix in front of a rabid pro-Conor crowd.

Brooklyn, however, was a disaster.

From the crowd waiting two hours past the scheduled start time to reports that much of the crowd couldn’t even make out what anyone was saying on the mic, it was a fundamental mess. Content-wise, both McGregor and Mayweather misstepped badly, too.

McGregor tried to play the crowd like a fiddle, expecting them to sing along with Notorious B.I.G. lyrics and respond to him saying that Biggie is “the greatest of all time.” They didn’t. They also didn’t care when he called 50 Cent — Mayweather’s former (perhaps once again?) friend — a “bitch.” Or when he called Floyd a “bitch.” Or when he dropped off a copy of Jay-Z’s latest album, on CD, no less. CD!

McGregor’s biggest misfire came when he attempted to mock those critical of what they felt to be racially charged comments, when McGregor said to Mayweather, “Dance for me, boy!” at the Los Angeles event. Here, McGregor said that it was “fuckin’ ridiculous” to accuse him of racism, and that he’s “half-black, from my belly button down,” then gyrating for his “beautiful black female fans.”

Mayweather didn’t fare a lot better. He had another bag of money, making it rain on McGregor. McGregor said they were all $1 bills, later Mayweather said that’s because McGregor is a “ho,” also calling him a “bitch” roughly 112 times. He repeatedly complimented Dana White for being smart enough to sell McGregor for the fight, referring to White at one point as McGregor’s “pimp.”

There was also a halfassed scuffle, after Mayweather pointed to his two largest bodyguards, and said, “YO! FORM VOLTRON!” Forming Voltron involved the two men, and others, to crowd around McGregor. This obviously wasn’t met well by the McGregor camp, who intervened immediately.

Mayweather backed away from the scene, running up and down the stage, cackling and shouting, “YEAH!” He came back to shadowbox a few yards removed from the crowd.

All in all, this was a bad one. At no point has the content been “classy” or less than vulgar, but that was all to be expected with Mayweather and McGregor. What I’m saying is that today’s versions of both failed miserably, tried way too hard to push the envelope. Truthfully, we’ve probably gone as far as the envelope needs to go — anything more and we’re just talking about a press conference brawl, full-on, and I’d prefer that be saved for the $99.95 pay-per-view if it’s going to happen at all. Give me chaos after the grift, not before it.

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