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Pacquiao: In rematch I’ll remind Horn of the 9th round in the 1st!

Manny Pacquiao appears to be sold on targeting Jeff Horn for a rematch.

Manny Pacquiao v Jeff Horn Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images

While no official decisions have been made at this time, it appears that Manny Pacquiao is leaning towards that rematch with Jeff Horn. If the fight does come off later this year, Pacquiao tells the Manila Bulletin that he plans to get down to business straightaway.

“I will remind him of the ninth round in the first round,” said Pacquiao as talks about a second meeting between the two rivals continue to swirl.

For those who don’t remember, the ninth round is his meeting with Jeff Horn was by far Pacquiao’s best, and a round where he put a real beating on Horn. I scored that particular round 10-9 in favor of Pacquiao, but some felt it was lopsided enough to warrant a 10-8 round without a knockdown.

But even the referee had genuine concern for Jeff Horn after that round ended, warning him that he would call off the fight if he continued to take that kind of punishment. Horn would bounce back, though, regaining enough control to make the remaining rounds competitive.

Now Glenn Rushton, who has been Horn’s longtime trainer, advises Pacquiao to seek an easier challenge, saying a fight with Amir Khan would be better for the aging veteran, telling the Courier Mail:

“If he wants to make a big payday, Manny should go after Britain’s former world champ Amir Khan. Amir would be a safer bet than getting chewed up by Jeff Horn,” said the self-made millionaire.

“Jeff will only get stronger and better from that victory… Manny has reached his peak and he can’t get any better. Jeff can,” added Rushton.

Be that as it may, all signs are pointing to a Pacquiao-Horn rematch sometime this fall.

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