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Approaching the Fight: Adrien Broner

Showtime releases some behind-the-scenes footage of Adrien Broner leading up to his fight with Mikey Garcia this weekend.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Just a few days out from his fight against Mikey Garcia, Showtime Sports releases a short promotional video on Adrien Broner as he’s getting ready for the bout. The footage covers a little of Broner’s training camp in Colorado Springs as well as some of his thoughts on the fight...

“Anything negative that you’re thinking about once you get into the [yoga] class, the music, it takes your mind away from everything.

“It’s tough when you’re doing those stretches and those exercises in the room in 110 degrees. You gotta force yourself to keep going.

“It’s very different [training in Colorado Springs], it’s a mind-blowing moment when you see some days you got snow at the top of the mountain and it might be 80 degrees down there. And then some days you don’t got no snow at the top of the mountain. It’s definitely a change for me, you know, uh, training in D.C., training in Cincinnati, at home, it’s a lot of distractions. And, you know, when I’m out here I’m just to myself and I just got more time to focus on myself and boxing.

“It feels like my back is against the wall — everybody’s countin’ me out once again. And then, when I win, they’ll only make up an excuse of ‘oh he should’ve did that, he was the bigger guy.’ So I really do give a shit about critics and what they say about me or how they bash me on the internet. All I’m worrying about is coming inside that ring and putting on a helluva show.

“I’m just doing what’s best for my career and Mikey Garcia, Micky ‘Clubhouse’ Garcia, he’s the best fight for me at this time. We’re not lookin’ past him, he’s a helluva fighter. Don’t get me wrong, he can fight. He can box. But at the end of the day I just don’t see him beating me.”

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