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Approaching the Fight: Mikey Garcia

Mikey Garcia takes on Adrien Broner this Saturday on Showtime.

Today Showtime released it's promotional video on Mikey Garcia as he prepares for his fight with Adrien Broner this weekend. Garcia talks about his training camp, his family, and the strategies he's been devising for this fight. Check it out!

"I think about the fight, I think about winning while I'm running. I'm visualizing in my head combinations or certain punches or movements for my opponent, what I need to be doing to win every round so when the fight actually does come around I'm ready to take on anything because Adrien, he's 100% a tough guy.

"Family and kids — they're #1. I think it's very nice to share this kind of work with family...watching my son do the mitts with my dad, it touches you. My dad, my brother, now my nephews are also apart of the team and we've been working together all my career. We have such a great relationship, they understand everything about me, it just makes for a much better environment.

"Broner is a big step in my boxing career because he's the most accomplished fighter up to now. This opens doors for bigger fights, we want fights that will make a big name...Adrien, he's been saying I'm Micky Mouse Clubhouse — that's alright — he can talk all he wants. Once we get into the ring we ain't friends and he's gonna find out why I'm still undefeated."

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