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Warren not buying into Fury’s retirement talk

Promoter Frank Warren doesn’t believe Tyson Fury is walking away for good.

Boxing at Manchester Arena Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Frank Warren isn’t putting much stock into Tyson Fury’s apparent claim of retirement. In fact, Warren tells talkSPORT that he guarantees that Fury will win back his heavyweight titles after brushing off Fury’s recent posts on social media.

"He's guaranteed to win these titles back. He's a fighting man.

"They're fighting UKAD. If he was going to retire what's the point in fighting UKAD? You might as well say 'Forget it, I'm done'.

"Peter said there's no problem. We're waiting (on the new date for the hearing): I want to see him back in the ring.

"I hope that's the case (that Fury's again being mischievous): that's what I'm told."

Fury has a history of saying one thing one day, and then the complete opposite soon thereafter, so I’m not sure how many people truly believed that Fury would be walking away for good this time, but apparently those close to him don’t see it happening just yet.

So for now this seems to be a very fluid situation, as is the case with all things Tyson Fury. But until Fury gets his licensing and drug testing issues dealt with later this fall, there’s really little point in speculating on how things might shake out from here.

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