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Broner-Garcia: Live Official Weigh-In (1:00pm ET)

Adrien Broner and Mikey Garcia hit the scales for their fight tomorrow night at the Barclays Center.

Today, starting at 1:00pm ET/10am PT, Showtime will be living streaming the official weigh-in’s for the Broner-Card card scheduled for Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. And we’ve got the live stream for you right here at BLH!

There will be plenty of eyes on Broner, who has missed weight on several occassions, to see if he actually makes the 140lb mark for this fight, and what kind of condition he appears to be in once he hits the scales. There’s reportedly a $500,000 penalty if either fighter comes in overweight, and Broner insists he’s not just going to hand over that kind of money to Garcia.

Garcia will be moving up from the lightweight division, and really there’s really little-to-no concern that he won’t be point on the scales. That said, it will be interesting to see how to two stack up to one another once they’re head-to-head. Broner is natually the bigger, stronger fighter, but Garcia is known to pack a whallop himself.

Showtime’s two-fight telecast for the Broner-Garcia card will kick off tomorrow night at 9pm ET.

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