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Broner, Garcia make weight in Brooklyn

Adrien Broner weighed-in nearly a full pound lighter than Mikey Garcia.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

We’re good to go for tomorrow night’s main event at the Barclays Center! Both fighter’s made weight and looked to be ready for the action.

Mikey Garcia hit the scales first and officially weighed-in at 139.6lbs. He looked to be in good condition as expected.

Broner, who turned 28 today, went second and tipped the scales at 138.8lbs, almost a whole pound lighter than Garcia. There was a lot of concern about Broner’s ability to make 140, but he did make weight and there won’t be any financial penalties on any side. Some have noted that Broner looked slightly drawn in the face the last few days, but if you look at his body he looks rock solid and ready to go.

Broner was also in a good mood and lively during the weigh-in, bouncing around before and after hitting the scales, so I think there’s little worry about him being too weight drained to put on a good performance tomorrow night.

All in all that’s good news as we should be in for a great fight between two competitors who are in good condition.

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