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Mayweather: If McGregor lasts all 12 it’s a victory for him

Floyd Mayweather spoke to the media before beginning his open workout.

In this video interview captured by FightHub, Floyd Mayweather is asked about the possibility of Conor McGregor making it to the final bell and what that would mean about the fight. He also touches on some of the controversial comments made by McGregor in the fight build-up. Check out what he had to say...

Floyd on if it’s a victory for Conor McGregor to make it through all 12 rounds:

“It is a victory for him. If he goes the distance it’s a victory for him, in my eyes also.”

On if this fight has gotten personal for him due to some of Conor’s questionable comments:

“The only thing I spoke on with Stephen A. Smith, I spoke on, um, you know, disrespect. Like I said before, it’s certain boundaries you just don’t cross. You know it’s okay if he want to say certain things — even like in the press tour when I said something, I didn’t want to be negative towards lesbians or gays when I said something to him. So I apologize, but, you know, calling us monkeys — you gotta realize we went through years and years of just up and down. And I mean the Black Americans went through a lot.

“But I’m strong, I’m a strong individual, we live and we learn, and hopefully after August 26 he won’t be speaking that same language.”

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