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“McGregor is the worst opponent that Mayweather has faced probably almost ever.”

Ring announcer David Diamante weighs in on Mayweather-McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour - London Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Silk-voiced, dreadlocked ring announcer David Diamante took to Facebook to answer fan questions about Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming battle with Conor McGregor. Read on for David’s take on The Money Fight or visit us on Facebook to catch the full interview.

On McGregor’s chance of winning:

“You never want to say zero. But it’s point zero zero something. It’s pretty low.”

On whether or not he’ll tune in August 26:

“To me, it’s not really a fight, it’s more of a spectacle. It’s more like a WWE kind of circus event. I’m definitely going to watch it, but I don’t think it’s a fight. It’s more of an event.”

On just how one-sided the fight will be:

“The only way I could see it being any type of competitive is if it was scripted. I’m not saying it is, I’m just saying if it was scripted somehow behind the scenes beforehand, if they had some deal and they said “Okay. Let’s do this.” But if not—and this is not to take away from McGregor—a guy that’s never had an amateur fight or a professional fight to go against one of the greatest of our generation… It’s not gonna happen. McGregor is the worst opponent that Mayweather has faced probably almost ever.”

On the difference between MMA and boxing fans:

“Mixed martial arts [fans] can be a little bit more rambunctious but we’ve seen a lot of really hyped boxing shows. I’ve seen crazy stuff go down at boxing, muay thai and MMA shows.”

On how new boxing fans should approach the sport:

“Learn about the sport. There are some great fights and there are so many great fighters out there and great matches to be made. Follow the sport and try to learn about it. People love to say boxing’s dead, but I fully disagree with that.”

On how Mayweather/McGregor could turn out great for boxing:

"Hopefully people will say this guy, McGregor’s at the top of Mixed Martial Arts and this boxing guy dispatched of him so easily, wow maybe there’s something to this boxing thing and maybe they’ll try to get into it more and take a look.”

On Mayweather’s mindset:

“You have to love the way he prepares for fights and his mentality. He’s in there to win and there’s really no other option. He’s all in, all the time and he prepares for every scenario. That’s why the guy wins.”

On what to expect from Mayweather:

“There are levels to this. You’ve got good fighters and great fighters and then you’ve got special fighters. Mayweather’s a special fighter and he’s the type of guy, you might be able to surprise him in the first or second round, but once he starts to see what you’re doing and he gets your rhythm down, it’s pretty much all over. He makes the correct adjustments and that’s why he’s very special.”

On the one thing McGregor should do during the fight:

“Run. I don’t see any scenario in a boxing match where McGregor’s going to win. I just don’t. You don’t want the guy getting hurt, number one. Number two, from a boxing standpoint, many people have tried to crack the Mayweather code… I believe that McGregor, if he wants any chance, needs to get on him really early and try and rough him up.”

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