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McGregor: I will be a god of boxing

Conor McGregor isn’t paying any mind to critics of his boxing skills and training regiment.

Conor McGregor Media Workout Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Conor McGregor isn’t letting the naysayers get to him. For all those who laugh and poke fun at his quirky training exercises, he believes he’ll be getting the last laugh on August 26 when he takes on Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor draws a lot of confidence from not only putting in the work in the gym, but also from expecting to being the much bigger man inside the ring on fight night. He mentions that he could weigh around 170lbs in the ring while Floyd is likely to weigh in low 150s. McGregor says that will play into his favor.

“My weight is at a good place but I’m going to be a much bigger man than Floyd when we step in the ring for the fight and I think that makes a difference.

“The critics say that Floyd has been there before. They discredit my training, my skills, my accomplishments. This isn’t new to me though, just like boxing isn’t new to me. I am no stranger to being the underdog on paper.”

Conor certainly has the highest of expectations for this fight, saying that if the Nevada State Athletic Commission approves the request for 8oz gloves, which will be considered at today’s hearing, he’ll stop Floyd in under two rounds — and then become a boxing deity.

“I am a seasoned veteran and I am confident that I am the better man. After Saturday, August 26, I will be a god of boxing.”

Hey, self-belief is a start, but the hubris could spell disaster. Pride comes before a fall.

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