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Malignaggi: The boxing world is laughing at McGregor!

Paulie Malignaggi says Conor McGregor is upset that he doesn’t get respect from the boxing world, but what else does he expect?

PBC on ESPN: Danny Garcia v Paulie Malignaggi Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Conor McGregor hasn’t been shy about stating that the boxing world has no idea what it’s about to witness this weekend, and that he’s a little frustrated that his chances are being completely discounted in the media (outside of MMA analyst Brenden Schaub, who is probably more confident in a Conor win than Conor himself).

But as former sparring partner Paulie Malignaggi tells Sky Sports, McGregor has largely put himself in the spotlight of ridicule.

"McGregor gets angry because boxing has not accepted him, but would an MMA fighter accept a boxer walking into their sport claiming that they are the best when he's never done it in his life.

"That's the situation with McGregor in boxing, he is being laughed at and it is only getting worse as each video of a public workout or him shadow boxing is released.”

In fairness to Paulie, Conor McGregor has shown some pretty poor boxing technique during his public workouts. He telegraphs punches, shows a propensity to wind up way too much, and despite some awkward foot movement he’s shown little-to-no head movement — which is going to be a serious problem against a marksman like Floyd.

Of course Malignaggi also has a bone to pick with McGregor, so it’s not exactly as if he’s going to heap any serious praise on the man anyway. But he does offer this thought on his much-talked-about final sparring session with McGregor after insisting the ‘knockdown’ certainly wasn’t.

"I was tired and out of shape, the fact that he's not ashamed that a guy came in off the couch and done twelve rounds shows you where his confidence levels are really at.”

Be that as it may, McGregor still publicly states that he’s going to ice Floyd inside of two rounds, which is, you know, pretty unfathomable. But we’ll see soon enough.

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