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Eubank Jr: Mayweather not taking McGregor lightly, he’s in tremendous shape

Chris Eubank Jr. talks about what he’s seen while training at the Mayweather Boxing Club.

Chris Eubank Jr., who has been training at the Mayweather Boxing Club recently, talks to FightHub about what he’s seen in Floyd as he prepares to take Conor McGregor this Saturday. Check out some excerpts from the interview.

Eubank Jr. on what the atmosphere has been like in the Mayweather gym:

“It’s been hectic, man. You know, every day the gym’s packed, um, and everybody is holding their breath — nobody knows really what’s gonna happen. I mean a lot of people are sure Floyd’s gonna win but it’s the uncertainty of what Conor’s gonna do in that ring which has got people excited, worried, talking, you know, nobody really knows how this fight is gonna play out...”

On the rumor that Zab Judah knocked Floyd out during sparring:

“I didn’t see that and I highly doubt that that even happened...This is what happens, you’ve got a big fight and anybody will say anything to just get a little bit of limelight or just add to the occasion. From what I’ve seen Floyd is in tremendous shape. You know, I’ve watched him train Maidana, I watched him train for Pacquiao, and I watched him train for McGregor and in my opinion he’s in just as good shape as he was for those opponents. So he’s not taking the fight lightly.

“Conor hasn’t had a fight in the professional ranks as a boxer but Floyd is treating this fight like, you know, he’s about to go in there with the number one contender. So I expect there to be some serious action on the night.”

On how he sees the fight playing out:

“I can only that that Floyd is going to be victorious just because we have nothing to base Conor’s boxing abilities on. We don’t know what he is. And we know that Floyd is one of the best, ever. So you can’t really say that Conor’s got much of a chance of winning. Obviously anything can happen but, if you’re a betting man the smart money is on Floyd.”

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