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Carl Froch trashes Andre Ward's style

Did you know Carl Froch hates Andre Ward's fighting style?! Well let him tell you again.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

FightHub was on hand for a small media scrum with Carl Froch who was asked if he will ever come to a truce with former opponent Andre Ward. Froch began by stating that he has no real personal issue with Ward but you wouldn't know it by how he grew increasingly irritated the more he spoke about him.

"I don't mind Andre Ward. Listen, I've got a lot of respect for him, he's [rated] pound for pound as one of the best. All I don't like about Andre Ward, and I've got no real beef with him, I couldn't care less, I've had a fantastic career and retired at the top and I've got no beef at all. I would love the rematch with Ward if I could've got him in England and the referee let me do my thing and give me a bit of distance and time.

"Steve Smoger let Ward hold and maul and just get all close and make the fight ugly and it was an awkward, horrible night's work for me. But since the Andre Ward loss I've had an unbelievable career and earned a fortune and gone out on a high. So that loss actually did me more good than harm.

"But I'm not an Andre Ward fan because 'cause I'm not a fan of his style. He's got one of them styles where — do you ever re-watch an Andre Ward fight? Do you ever rush home and say 'I wanna see that again'? Any of his fights?"

One reporter said that he in fact does, to which Froch responded:

"Do ya? Which one? Well, you don't like the kinda fights I like then. I like the Arturo Gatti and Mickey Ward type of fight...but if you like to go watch Andre Ward or re-watch that fight, yeah, then to me you're not a big boxing fan. You're just like someone who likes a little snooze halfway through the fight. I don't fast forward fights but I fast forward his fight."

Another reporter says that there are fans who like all different kind of styles, but Froch vehemently disagrees.

"I disagree with what you're saying," Froch said to one reporter, "and I disagree with what you're saying" to another. But I know you're a big Andre Ward ass-licker so you've got your opinion."

When the ass-licker responded that Ward hasn't lost since he was 12 years old, Froch responded:

"There's a reason he's not lost since he's 12. 'Cause of his style, his awkward style...I'm not gonna get into an argument over Andre Ward and his boring, horrible style because I've got TV broadcasters — HBO and Showtime — stood behind me. They don't want to show his fights because he's boring. And Sky Sports aren't interested in showing his fights because he's boring, because people don't tune in. He doesn't do numbers. So there's the facts! But you can worm around any way you want with that. Next question...people don't want to watch him because his style is boring. And that's a fact!"

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