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HBO’s 1-on-1 with Yoshihiro Kamegai

Kieran Mulvaney chats with Yoshihiro Kamegai ahead of tomorrows title fight against Miguel Cotto.

In this video interview with Kieran Mulvaney, he talks to Yoshihiro Kamegai who is set to take on Miguel Cotto tomorrow night in an HBO main event.

Kamegai on his thoughts on possibly retiring Miguel Cotto should he win tomorrow:

“Whether he’s gonna retire or not, it’s not something I’m concerned with. I’m just gonna give it my best to beat him and I just want to give the HBO fans the exciting fight that they’re looking for.”

On if he thinks Cotto will stand and trade with him or if he’ll have to chase Cotto down:

“I’m sure he’s gonna use his feet but I’m gonna catch him and I’m gonna beat him with my style.”

On what a win would mean for his career:

“I believe it’s a big step for me in terms of my career and also getting approval from the American people as to how a real fighter I am.”

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