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HBO’s 1-on-1 with Miguel Cotto

Miguel Cotto talks about tomorrow night’s title fight with Yoshihiro Kamegai.

Kieran Mulvaney of HBO catches up with Miguel Cotto ahead of tomorrow night’s vacant title fight with Yoshihiro Kamegai. Check out what he had to say on the fight.

Cotto on why Kamegai is the perfect opponent for him right now:

“You know, he’s a guy who’s going to come to present a really good right. We are training for that, and that’s why he’s the best opponent for that.”

On video footage of him working with Freddie Roach and Roach still being able to take hard shots on the body shield from him:

“Yes, we’re giving our best on every occasion and Freddie just have the thing where he can take the best out of me and that’s great for me.”

On how he’s able to focus on the task at hand when he’s already eyeing retirement:

“You know, I’m living day by day. I’m enjoying the last stage of my career in the best way possible. And first of all, I have to face Yoshihiro, all I’m thinking of is the fight and after it we can talk about the retirement.”

On what challenges Kamegai presents:

“He’s a guy who always brings a fight to his opponent. I know he’s coming to fight, he’s coming to present a good show and I’m ready for him.”

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