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Floyd Mayweather: This will be McGregor’s last fight

Floyd Mayweather had strong words for Conor McGregor at Friday’s weigh-in.

Floyd Mayweather was the picture of serenity during yesterday’s weigh-in, while Conor McGregor played his role as the barking dog. Mayweather spoke with Showtime’s Jim Gray after making weight.

On staying calm while McGregor yelled in his face: “I’ve been here before. I know what it takes when it’s a fight of this magnitude. I did a lot (talking), he did a lot of (talking), but tomorrow, it comes down to the fighters.”

On weighing in light: “Weight doesn’t win fights. Fighting wins fights.”

On being able to “take it”: “It won’t go the distance. Mark my words.”

On this being his final fight: “I just wanna thank the fans. I’m not worried about the scale or (this being) the last time. This will become McGregor’s last fight, also.”

On McGregor’s fan support in Las Vegas: “The fans can’t fight for you. It comes down to the two competitors. The fans cannot fight for you. 49 times I went out there, it was one-on-one.”

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