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Andre Berto wants to join the UFC

Berto says he wants to be the first fighter to have won a world title in boxing as well as a title in the UFC.

Shawn Porter v Andre Berto Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Well, in the spirit of crossover events it appears that Andre Berto is dead serious about wanting to make a transition to mixed martial arts, and tells TMZ that he wants Dana White to call him to make it happen. Berto’s father, a former MMA fighter, competed in UFC 10 back in 1996.

When asked if there was any specific MMA fighter he wants to call out, Berto responded:

“I want all of ‘em! Dana White, you know me, you know my family’s been in MMA for a while, I’m coming to the UFC so Dana White, call me!

“I wanna be the first fighter ever to be a world champion in boxing and go get a UFC world title. It’s never been done.”

Despite Berto’s family having a background in MMA, Berto has spent his whole professional career, and amateur career, honing his skills as a boxer. At age 33, and soon to be 34, it’s a little difficult for me to believe he’d be able to make a successful transition to mixed martial arts, at least not to the level of winning a UFC championship.

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