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Lomachenko: Mikey Garcia got tired after 7 rounds! How?!

Vasyl Lomachenko talks more about his impressions on the Broner-Garcia fight.

In this video interview with FightHub, Vasyl Lomachenko takes a moment to talk to reporters on his extended thoughts about the Broner-Garcia fight this past weekend and what he makes of Mikey Garcia.

On Garcia saying he’s willing to meet Lomachenko at 135:

“I’m ready move up for this fight. Yeah, I’m ready. I like it, I want this fight. But, you know, we have two different platforms. I fight in ESPN and he fight in Showtime. After [the Broner fight] he talking about ‘Hey, come on. Who want fight with me? Come on to Showtime.’ Hey, I can’t. I have a contract.”

On Garcia’s performance in that fight:

“I think you read my answer [to] this question, yeah? You know about my answer, no?

“Yes, he won this fight, yes. He do always good, but for me, don’t like it because he do the same. I don’t like the same. His physical condition - not the best. Then I see six or seventh round, he’s very tired. It’s a very slow pace in this fight and he’s tired! How?!”

On if it could’ve been because Garcia was moving up to 140:

“[Shakes head]. I don’t think. No, it’s not the problem.”

On Jorge Linares taking on Luke Campbell:

“It will be interesting fight because I know this guy Campbell, from Great Britain...He’s Olympic Gold Medalist. Then we have Olympic Games, 2012, I fought 60 kilos, he fought 56 kilos. Now he fight 61 kilos, I fought 59 kilos. He growing very, very fast. It will be interesting fight because Campbell has good skill.”

On how a fight between him and Garcia would play out:

“Look, this fight for me, for me it will be interesting because he’ of the best fighter. Boxing needs this fight. It will be good. It will be good for boxing.”

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