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Sanchez: Broner a wasted talent, Lomachenko eats up Garcia

Abel Sanchez says he feels sorry for Broner’s trainer.

In this video interview caught by FightHub, Gennady Golovkin’s trainer Abel Sanchez talks a little about the Broner-Garcia fight as well as what he thinks about Vasyl Lomachenko potentially taking on Mikey Garcia.

Sanchez on Broner-Garcia:

“You know what, I thought that, um, it’s a good fight for Mikey. I think Broner unfortunately is a talent that’s just been wasted. He has just wasted so much, and I feel sorry for Mike Stafford, his coach. He finally gets a guy that can really do something — no, he’s not Mayweather but he’s a talent.

“I thought that Mikey at 140 might not be the puncher that he was at 126 ‘cause he hit Broner with everything but Mikey looked good, man. He’s a very good technical fighter, he’s very sound.”

On Garcia potentially moving up to 147:

“I would hate to see that. I don’t think above [1]35 is a good weight for him. [1]35 is probably the best weight for him.”

On what fights he would want to see Garcia in next:

“I would like to see him fight Linares - that would be a good fight.

On Garcia potentially facing Lomachenko:

“Lomachenko eats him up. I think so. That’s my opinion, I think Lomachenko eats him up. I think Lomachenko is one of the best fighters around right now.”

On who he’d pick between Lomachenko and Rigondeaux:

“Lomachenko. I think Rigondeaux’s a little too small.”

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