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Mayweather vs. McGregor: Floyd gets ripped up ahead of fight

Floyd Mayweather has gotten noticeably stronger just a couple weeks away from his fight with Conor McGregor.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

By the looks of things Floyd Mayweather has been putting in some serious work during this training camp (not that that’s anything new). In this video clip caught by FightHype, Floyd Mayweather shows off his physique just a couple weeks out from his August 26 fight with Conor McGregor.

You’ll note that Floyd looks much stronger than he did just over a month ago, and he looks to be in about as good, if not better, physical shape that I’ve ever seen him before. And as he mentioned to FightHype’s Ben Thompson, he’s ‘not bad for 40.’

Consequently, MMA fighter TJ Dillashaw tells FightHub that he doesn’t believe that McGregor has the cardiovascular conditioning to keep up with Mayweather over 12 rounds of boxing. If that’s true, and if Floyd is indeed as ready to go as he looks, this fight could get ugly very quickly — which was sort of the expectation all along from boxing fans.

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