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Golovkin talks Canelo’s bulked-up physique

Gennady Golovkin chats with FightHub about what he expects in this weekend’s big fight.

In this video interview with Marcos Villegas of FightHub, unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin talks about this weekend’s showdown with Canelo Alvarez and what he makes of his noticeable increase size coming into this fight. Check out some quotes from the interview...

On how anxious he is to finally step into the ring with Canelo:

“I’m still very excited and I’ve very ready right now. You know, just very excited, very ready, very want this fight. Just everything is good.”

On having to wait over two years to finally get this fight:

“It’s a little bit difficult for me and right now I’m very excited. I believe this time is best for us, and for business, for boxing, for anybody - just for fans, for anybody.”

On if he thinks Canelo had to take the fight at this point instead of waiting him out a little longer:

“Maybe yes. Maybe before he’s not ready — not Canelo — Golden Boy is not ready. Right now is better for business, Golden Boy said it was better for business, you know, because everybody very excited and I believe, thanks to promotions, thanks to team, just right now I want more.”

On his training camp for this fight:

“I had a couple new ideas, Abel bring new ideas, just, you know, interest. I show you September 16th.”

On people saying he came into camp more out of shape than usual:

“I’m not bigger, I’m just older maybe [laughs]. It’s my experience, life experience.”

On Canelo putting on a lot of muscle for this fight:

“It’s interest. Maybe he bring more power, maybe bring more stability, you know? This is boxing, boxing is just 160. I know he stay Friday 160 and I stay Friday 160. That’s it!

“...I know my job, I know Canelo — maybe he’s heavy, maybe he’s slower right now. Just I know my job. Thanks my coach Abel Sanchez, he just stay with me every time. I know my job, I know my work.”

On if he’s expecting a dominant performance against Canelo:

“Maybe, I want. I want. You know this is boxing, every round, every fight is different. Everything is different. Just, I need maybe one round. I have couple ideas.”

On if he could retire with a win over Canelo:

“No, you know, just, I love it my boxing. Just I’m professional athlete so I’m ready for future. I believe my body work for future, you know? No, I’m ready. My mentality very strong.”

On what happens this Saturday:

“Big gift.”