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Canelo-GGG: Canelo Alvarez talks Golovkin’s ‘Mexican style’

Canelo Alvarez doesn’t believe Gennady Golovkin’s definition of a Mexican style boxer is completely accurate.

Canelo Alvarez & Gennady Golovkin Media Workout Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Following up on all of Gennady Golovkin’s talk of his ‘Mexican style,’ Canelo Alvarez says he doesn’t think Golovkin has a complete understanding of what that actually means. In his latest HBO blog, Canelo says that he thinks of the terms ‘Mexican warrior’ and ‘Mexican style’ in more ways than simply being a come-forward brawler.

“When Golovkin or a lot of his fans refer to fighting “Mexican style” it is describing a style in which a fighter is gutsy, comes forward aggressively, is throwing power punches just to throw them and engages in unnecessary exchanges. I would argue that GGG’s definition of “Mexican Style” isn’t completely correct.

“If you look at all the great Mexican fighters who have become world renowned world champions like Salvador “Chava” Sanchez, Erik “El Terrible” Morales, Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Márquez, and Ricardo “Finito” Lopez just to name a few, they weren’t the biggest brawlers – they were intelligent with their boxing, were able to outclass their opponents and knew how to use their bodies to achieve their victories.

“I would argue that a Mexican Warrior is one that has heart, passion, and fights with all he has until the very end with intuition and intelligence. A Mexican warrior will not die in the line of fire, but will cunningly be three steps ahead of his opponent. No one can teach you to be a warrior. It’s something innate that unites all Mexicans – that fire is what propels us to survive and thrive.”

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