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Billy Joe Saunders gets into confrontation with Willie Monroe Jr.

...and Saunders acts a damn fool.

For those who aren’t aware, or maybe just forgotten, there’s actually another middleweight title fight taking place this Saturday across the pond. In that fight Billy Joe Saunders will be defending his WBO title against Willie Monroe Jr.

And perhaps looking to drum up some attention, or whatever, there was a little dust-up between Saunders and Monroe when the two came face-to-face at the Peacock Gym.

Really, though, it was just more of Saunders making a complete scene as he gets into it with both Monroe and the trainers accompanying him. At one point Saunders even takes the hat off one of Monroe’s trainer and stuffs it down his crotch, only to then throw it back to him. Classy, classy stuff.

You can catch the video of the upheaval above, courtesy of iFL TV, but I will also warn you that some of the language is NSFW, which should sort of be expected with content of this sort.

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