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De La Hoya: If Canelo loses then so be it!

Oscar De La Hoya talks about his expectations for this weekend’s middleweight showdown.

In this video interview caught by FightHub, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks a bit about the big fight this weekend between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin and touches on a couple of other topics — like how they would’ve fared in the era of Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns. Check it out...

De La Hoya on what he would advise Canelo to do in order to neutralize Golovkin’s jab:

“Move his waist, move your waist. Counter [his] jab and throw your jab right back. Or move side to side and counter with right hands and left hooks. Canelo’s a guy who has been learning, every single fight he’s been getting better...his progression has been incredible and he’s only 27 years old...

“The reason why I love this fight so much is because we haven’t seen the best of Golovkin. We haven’t! And we haven’t seen the best of Canelo. But these are the types of match-ups that brings out the best in you. And so that’s why on fight night it’s gonna be brutal, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun.”

On if he thinks Canelo can withstand Golovkin’s power:

“I believe so. It just depends on what round, it depends if he’s warmed-up enough. It all depends on how you warm up, it depends because these guys have great chins — both of them. So once you start warming-up, once you get the engine warmed-up it’s like any punch you’re gonna take.”

On how Canelo and Golovkin would do in the Hagler/Hearns era:

“Oh my gosh, it’s just, it’s different. It’s totally different...I think they would be able to withstand the punching power they possess. I think they would be able to keep up with those types of legendary fighters, but who knows who would win. It would be quite a sight, that’s for sure...I don’t know. I mean imagine Hagler versus Canelo — would be a bloodbath. It would be a total war for as long as it lasts.”

On if he gets nervous having his cash cow go in with a puncher like Golovkin in a fight where Canelo could get seriously hurt:

“What I’m thinking is that, um, I’m hoping that it’s a great fight...and obviously I feel and I know it’s gonna be a great fight because of their styles but, um, look, yeah, Canelo’s our guy, Canelo’s boxing only star now, now that Mayweather’s retired, now that Pacquiao is at the tail end of his career. Canelo is the guy for the sport of boxing that we dearly love, you know. So if he loses, then, you know what, so be it. He’ll live to see another day in the ring — as long as he loses great. As long as he gives us a great fight, that’s all that matters to me. I wanna see a great fight, that’s the bottom line.”

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