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Brook: Golovkin’s days are numbered

Kell Brook says we’ve already seen the best of Gennady Golovkin.

Kell Brook & Errol Spence Media Work Out Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Former welterweight titleholder and Golovkin opponent Kell Brook says GGG’s best days are now behind him as the chinks in his armor have been exposed. With that said, it’s no wonder that Brook tells Sky Sports that Golovkin is going to take a loss in the near future.

"You're only good as your last fight and I just think his days are numbered," Brook exclusively told Sky Sports. "We've seen the best of him and I think people actually know - and this is a big factor - he is just human.

"Now they know he is human. He can be hit and he can be out-boxed, he can be beaten and top fighters are going to go in with that mentality. As long as they have trained properly and believe in themselves, they will beat this guy at middleweight."

Brook, of course, tried his darnedest to make an incredible leap to middleweight in order to dethrone the middleweight champ back in September 2016. But despite his best efforts he got his eye socket broken pretty quickly, an injury ultimately forced the fight to be called off as Brook complained of vision problems in the mid-rounds.

As for this upcoming fight Brook says that he’s leaning towards Canelo pulling off the win as he’s laid down the blueprint for the best approach to fighting Golovkin — however dubious a claim that may be.