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Canelo Alvarez: I’ve trained to KO Gennady Golovkin

Canelo Alvarez discusses Saturday’s big fight.

On GGG being the biggest fight of his career

“Absolutely. This is a fight I’ve been wanting for a long time, to win more convincingly than other fights.”

On why he wanted the GGG fight so much

“It’s for everything that was generated, revolving around this fight, for all the things that were said and things that were talked about. Many reasons.”

On putting on weight

“I didn’t add a lot more muscle. I still have to cut weight. I just added what was needed to compete at 160 and feel comfortable at 160 pounds.”

On the changes over the last four years

“I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gained a lot of experience. I take things a lot differently with more experience inside the ring.”

On his approach to this fight

“I gotta do whatever it takes, obviously, but I gotta do both. There’s gonna be times where I’ll have to be the aggressor and times where I’ll need to be technical.”

On going for the knockout

“That’s what I prepared for, that’s what I trained for. It’s unpredictable, if it comes or doesn’t, but that’s what I’m working for.”

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