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Canelo vs Golovkin: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

It’s here: Canelo and GGG square off tonight, and we’ll be live with full coverage.

Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez - Weigh-in Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Tonight at 8:00 pm ET on HBO pay-per-view, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin finally meet for middleweight supremacy, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, topping a four-fight bill.

Alvarez (49-1-1, 34 KO) and Golovkin (37-0, 33 KO) will be meeting for Golovkin’s WBC, IBF, and WBA middleweight titles, as well as Alvarez’s Ring Magazine championship. The fight is all but guaranteed to be the second-biggest PPV seller for the sport this year, behind Mayweather-McGregor, and from a true relevance standpoint, is probably boxing’s biggest fight of 2017.

On the undercard: Joseph Diaz Jr (24-0, 13 KO) takes on Rafael Rivera (25-0-2, 16 KO) in a WBC featherweight title eliminator; Diego De La Hoya (19-0, 9 KO) faces Randy Caballero (24-0, 14 KO) in a super bantamweight bout; and lightweight prospect Ryan Martin (19-0, 11 KO) faces Francisco Rojo (20-2, 13 KO).

It’s a big night for boxing, so make sure you join us for the live coverage. Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call.


  • Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin ends in a split draw (118-110 Canelo, 115-113 Golovkin, 114-114)
  • Joseph Diaz Jr. def Rafael Rivera by UD (120-108, 119-109, 119-109)
  • Diego De La Hoya def. Randy Caballero by UD (100-90, 98-92, 98-92)
  • Ryan Martin def. Francisco Rojo by SD (91-98, 96-93, 95-94)


Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

Round 1: Golovkin pumps a jab and Canelo parries. Golovkin walking forward and Canelo is skating along the ropes tries to feel out Golovkin's power. Now Canelo lands a straight right to the body. Golovkin throws a right hook that gets blocked. Golovkin probes with a jab but can't quite find his target. Golovkin content to take his time and the two fighters trade jabs along the ropes. Canelo tries three punches that don't land clean, Golovkin shakes his head. Canelo trades jabs with Golovkin and throws a few punches to break up Golovkin's forward momentum. Hard to score this round because not many clean punches land from either guy, but I'll go with Canelo for putting his punches together more. Canelo 10-9.

Round 2: Golovkin comes out featuring a probing jab again, looking to get Canelo cornered along the ropes. Canelo is moving just enough to keep himself from getting trapped. Canelo throws four punches that miss. Now the fighters trade jabs again at center ring. Canelo tries a counter right that misses the target. Canelo catches Golovkin this time on the end of a three punch combination. Now Canelo throws a left hook to the body that is partially blocked. Canelo targets the body again with a scraping right. Canelo is keeping a good distance just on the outside of Golovkin's power. I think Canelo takes this round too. Canelo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Both fighters trade jabs again at center ring. Now Golovkin gets off a few punches on Canelo and catches him by surprise. Now Canelo is countering Golovkin with well placed counters to the body. Golovkin blocks two punches from Canelo and Golovkin still can't find the range on the jab. Golovkin needs to start picking it up soon. Canelo lands a grazing right hand. Two hooks from Golovkin are blocked by Canelo. Short uppercut lands for Canelo! Golovkin still seeking with his jab but hasn't got the distance right yet. Now Canelo bounces away towards the waning seconds of the round. Canelo is outboxing Golovkin early. Canelo 10-9.

Round 4: Trainer Abel Sanchez seems a little more concerned than usual at this point in the fight, telling Golovkin he's allow Canelo to work too much. Fourth round underway and Canelo is looking for counter opportunities. Golovkin isn't getting off enough outscore Canelo in the opening rounds. Golovkin bounces a Canelo right hand off his shoulder. Now Golovkin has Canelo on the ropes and Golovkin is looking to land something powerful. Canelo tells Golovkin to come on as he lays on the ropes! Golovkin is gun-shy and doesn't get anything off of significance. Now Canelo is dancing with his hand on the ropes. He's way too comfortable in there and Golovkin is allowing it. Canelo 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Golovkin knows he needs to turn up the offense now and is getting more aggressive. Hard uppercut to the body lands on the inside for Canelo. Golovkin tries an uppercut but it gets blocked. Big right hand lands for Golovkin! Canelo shakes his head to say it didn't hurt! The fans gets HYPE! Canelo is taunting Golovkin saying that he can't hurt him! Now Canelo charges forward and the fans roar! Golovkin lands a jab now and the bell rings. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 6: Golovkin lands two right hands and backs Canelo to the ropes! Canelo is outworking Golovkin in this fight and getting off more often with combination punches, even if they're getting blocked by Golovkin. Golovkin lands another right hand and is having maybe his best round of the fight. Canelo turns the corner on Golovkin as he tries to attack but Golovkin cuts him off on the other ropes and throws a combination. Golovkin walks Canelo down in the final seconds of the round. Golovkin 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Golovkin scrapes Canelo with a right hand as Canelo tries to slip away. Golovkin is walking Canelo down now in a highly aggressive fashion, building the pressure on Canelo. Canelo's corner tells him they want more three punch combinations to stall Golovkin's offense. Short right hand to the body lands for Golovkin. Canelo once again taunts Golovkin. Golovkin is having more success pressuring Canelo all over the ring. Canelo might be showing the first signs of fatigue. Golovkin wins the round on effective aggression. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 8: Golovkin comes out on the attack again and lands a good shot on Canelo. Golovkin is looking to mix it up more and puts up a tight guard and waves Canelo on. Now GGG wants to make a big drama show! Golovkin has officially closed the distance in this fight as Canelo doesn't have the legs to keep Golovkin from getting in his preferred distance. Canelo lands a nice check hook. Golovkin lands a little uppercut and has Canelo on the ropes a lot. Solid uppercut lands for Canelo and Golovkin walks forward like it was nothing! Golovkin is getting more and more aggressive as the round winds down. Hard right to the body lands for Golovkin. Golovkin 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Golovkin comes out moving his hands now, getting off more than he was early. Canelo tries to pick off Canelo but Golovkin covers up and walks forward, lands a few punches on Canelo. Golovkin is in Canelo's face for the duration of these last few rounds and it might be getting to Canelo now. Canelo has no time to take a breather but lands a clean right hand! Golovkin still coming forward and has Canelo on every inch of the ropes on the ring. Canelo is trying to fight off Golovkin but Canelo looks to be starting to fade. Four punch combination on the inside from Canelo! Golovkin comes back. Close round. I'm giving it to Golovkin because it looks like he's wearing on Canelo. Golovkin 10-9.

Round 10: Canelo looked tired in between rounds. But once the round starts Canelo digs deep and lands a nice left hook to the body. Hard punches knock Golovkin off balance momentarily. The crowd is on its feet! Both fighters exchanging punches and Golovkin has Canelo back on the ropes again. Canelo is able to evade some of Golovkin's shots but Golovkin is leaving an impression. Golovkin wants all out war now and Canelo forced to oblige. Golovkin is forcing the fight on Canelo at every waking moment of the round and Gennady gets off four punches on Canelo! Canelo having a hard time handling Golovkin at this point. Golovkin 10-9, 96-94.

Round 11: Canelo lands a right hand on the run but Golovkin is able to land his jab at this point, Canelo isn't as sharp at this point. Canelo is on or along the ropes consistently and is trying to ambush Golovkin with punches at certain times. Now Canelo throws four punches at Golovkin! Golovkin waves him on for more! Hard right hand lands for Golovkin but Canelo is able to roll it just enough to not take huge damage. Jab lands for Canelo and Canelo comes back with an uppercut. Hard left hook shakes up Canelo for just a moment! Golovkin 10-9.

Round 12: Sanchez instructs Golovkin to not allow Canelo room to breathe. Canelo comes out with a flurry of punches, Golovkin is undeterred. Three punches land for Canelo. Golovkin nods and walks forward but Canelo is throwing and landing the punches here! Golovkin throws several of his own punches and it gets Canelo's attention! Now Golovkin runs at Canelo and puts him right in the corner and throws a few punches. Canelo is breathing hard but still throwing punches. Canelo throws a counter uppercut that is partially blocked. Golovkin blocks a few more punches and comes back with a few of his own. Both fighters throw down to the bell! The crowd roars! Close round to score. I think I'm going to give it to Canelo by the ever slightest of margins. Canelo 10-9. BLH scores the fight for Gennady Golovkin, 115-113.

Joseph Diaz Jr. vs. Rafael Rivera

Round 1: Both fighters cautious to open the round, almost no real action in the first 30 seconds. Diaz lands a hard straight left to the body. Now Rivera mounts a surprise attack but Diaz is able to back away just enough. Check right hook lands for the southpaw Diaz. Rivera jumps in again but takes a right hook for his trouble. Not much of significance happens in this round, but Diaz landed the best shots of the round. Diaz 10-9.

Round 2: Another slow start to the second with no landed punches in the opening 30 seconds. Diaz patiently pressing forward, trying to lure out an attack fro Rivera, who is hesitant to throw. Now Diaz lands a three punch combination with Rivera in the corner. Clean lead left hand lands for Diaz. Another hard combination lands for Diaz. Rivera is very defensive early in this fight, and he's still getting clipped. Diaz 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Diaz blitzes Rivera with a straight left hand to open the round. Diaz is getting more comfortable in picking out what he whats to do and when he wants to do it. Rivera lands a hard right hook, maybe his best shot of the fight. Diaz starts at the body with a right hook, goes upstairs, and then right back down where he started. Diaz 10-9.

Round 4: Left hand counter lands for Diaz, but a tentative opening minute. This might be the slowest round of the fight in terms of punches thrown. Diaz applying a lot of physical pressure but not punching a lot, trying to insist that Rivera provide him with countering opportunities. Now Diaz throws a combination on Rivera with good success. Short left hook lands for Diaz. Diaz 10-9, 30-36.

Round 5: Diaz comes out and tries a left-right combination that partially lands. It just feels like Rivera isn't really trying to win this fight as much as he's trying hard not to lose it. He's been so cautious that he's not giving himself opportunities to land much of significance. Hard left to the body looks like it lands just a little low for Diaz. Diaz is in full control of this fight through five, but it's not a great fight. Diaz 10-9.

Round 6: Diaz pressures Rivera back to the ropes and just probes with a jab, looking for openings. He finds a spot or two to land a couple shots but nothing dramatic. Hard left to the body lands for Diaz. Rivera still laying back, and the crowd is getting a little bored by the pace of this fight. Clean counter left lands for Diaz. Diaz 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Diaz pats his hands together to encourage Rivera to open up a little. Another slow minute in this round and even if there were more people in their seats it would still be quiet in the arena. Now Rivera comes forward for the first time in a while but it's short lived. Diaz pressures, feints, and picks a spot to land a left hand. Diaz tries a big uppercut but it just misses. This fight feels like it's going the distance for sure, which isn't fun for me :( Diaz 10-9.

Round 8: Diaz is doing more of the same in every round. Rivera just won't or can't do assert himself enough to win a round. Diaz tries to dig down to the body a little but he isn't a big enough puncher to doing any real damage to Rivera. Diaz 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: I hate to say it but I'm having some flashbacks to Rigondeaux-Francisco. Diaz is doing well but it's not really an entertaining fight for the most part. Rivera is looking a little worn out now in his face and maybe Diaz can get him out of there with an accumulation if he can land the right shots. Now Rivera tries to mount a stand but only for about five seconds and Diaz is right back on him. Diaz 10-9.

Round 10: Referee checks on Rivera in between rounds and tells them he's starting to take too much punishment. Diaz looks like he's trying to sit down on his punches a little more now. Hard left to the body lands for Diaz. Diaz lands an uppercut on the inside but no shot seems to really hurt Rivera, aside from the accumulated punishment he's showing. Diaz 10-9, 100-90.

Round 11: Diaz's corner tells him to pick it up on Rivera in these last two rounds. Diaz is trying to walk Rivera down but even though he lands clean shots Rivera is taking them all well. Rivera is looking a little tired but still sturdy enough that he's not going to just keel over. Diaz 10-9.

Round 12: Rivera comes out looking like he's content to simply make it to the finish line for the most part. Now Rivera throws about five punches in succession.Diaz comes back with several of his own punches and Rivera ducks and dances away. Diaz lands a right hook to the body and Rivera backs away again. Diaz wins every round on my card. Diaz 10-9, 120-108.

Randy Caballero vs. Diego De La Hoya

Round 1: Caballero lands a clean jab right out the gates. Now Caballero lands a right hand to the body after falling short on a lead left. DLH tries to land a one-two but comes up short. Now DLH lands a lead left hook. Caballero comes forward again with a jab-right hand to the body. DLH lands a big shot and mugs to the crowd. Caballero clips DLH pulling straight back with a right hand. Caballero 10-9.

Round 2: Caballero gets tripped up in an exchange with DLH and hits the deck. No knockdown. Now DLH digs a hard left hook to the ribs. DLH lands a jab to the body, then moves along the ropes to set up another one. Now DLH tries a looping right hand that partially lands. Nice counter right lands for DLH. There's an accidental head clash but no damage appears to be done. DLH wins this round 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: DLH tries a counter left hook that just misses. The fighters get tangled and tussle into the ropes, forcing a break. Another good left hook lands for DLH. The two fighters trade body shots with DLH landing the better shots. Now DLH puts together four punches, twice in succession, forcing Caballero to shell up. Nice counter right lands for DLH. Caballero is just getting beat to the punch right now. DLH 10-9.

Round 4: Caballero comes out and throws a few punches, finishing up at the body. DLH goes for another lead left hook that is partially blocked. Caballero taking a more aggressive posture but walks into more DLH punches, getting off a few of his own. Both fighters are really battling now. Another left hook catches Caballero off guard. DLH takes this round too. DLH 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: DLH catches Caballero in an exchange with a recurring left hook. Caballero's left eye has a mouse underneath it now. Both fighters trade blows in an apparently even exchange. DLH throws four punches with a few uppercuts and presses Caballero back to the ropes. Caballero turns his back after getting bothered by a shot and DLH tries to jump him — it's not clear what hurt him. Caballero shakes it off and regains his composure but the round is about over. DLH 10-9.

Round 6: Hard uppercut to the body lands for DLH. Caballero seems to be showing some signs of frustration. Caballero hits the deck on a push down. Now DLH is just keep up with the pattern of throwing off his combinations before Caballero can get off and then making sure the action ends on his terms. Four hard punches land for DLH! This is a good fight but DLH is controlling it. DLH 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: The fighters come out and go right in the trenches and begin trading shots. Caballero making a real effort to force DLH back and is having some success here. Caballero throws three punches before hunching over from a low blow that the referee doesn't see. Now DLH dances around the ring for 15 seconds taking a breather. Caballero gets in some good work on the inside and I think it steals him this round. Caballero, 10-9.

Round 8: DLH using a lot more lateral movement in this round and making Caballero reach for him. DLH continues to make Caballero come after him so he can pick spots to land counters. DLH clips Caballero with a counter hook and Caballero walks in. DLH is comfortable setting the pace in this round, and in this fight in general. DLH comes forward and lands a flurry of punches. DLH 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Caballero's corner telling him he has to step it up in between rounds. DLH comes out and the fighters trade blows but DLH continues to get the better of it with sharper shots inside. Caballero's left is eye is really swelled up and purple right now. Slower round than some of the others as DLH is able to move well enough to keep Caballero from getting to him when he doesn't want to be in range. Now DLH lands a few shots as he wants to mix it up in the final 30 seconds. DLH 10-9.

Round 10: Caballero needs a knockout to win, or at least a few knockdowns. DLH is completely comfortable coming out into the final round, picking the times he wants to engage and getting off first and more often than Caballero. Caballero is too worn at this point to even make a sustained attacked. DLH 10-9. BLH scores the fight for De La Hoya, 98-92.

Ryan Martin vs. Francisco Rojo

My official, all-the-way-paid-for stream experienced a "signal interruption" until nearly midway through the third round — I'm not going to turn in a final score for this fight. But I'll give you the rest of the round by round coverage.

Round 4: Rojo coming forward throwing a lot of hard shots as Martin lays back on the ropes. Martin attempts to pick off Rojo with some sharp counter punches. I don't know what happened earlier in the fight but Rojo has his engine really rolling now. Rojo 10-9.

Round 5: Rojo trying to pick up right where he left off but Martin meets him with a couple punches. Now Martin dances away and pops a few jabs on the outside as the taller fighter. Now Rojo presses his way in and lands a few body shots. Martin lands a clean right hand counter, then tries to catch-and-shoot but his timing is just off. Two hard left hooks land for Martin land to the head and body. Rojo applying stead pressure, throwing a lot of power punches. Rojo is getting off well but I think Martin landed the cleanest punches of the round. Martin 10-9.

Round 6: Martin throws a few jabs at center ring, they're picked off. Martin doubles up again with left hooks to the body and head. Rojo just walks forward undeterred and Martin is using some lateral movement to cope with the non-stop pressure. Rojo is walking Martin down but doesn't have the energy to punch as much as he has in the last two rounds. Now Martin lets go a few clean shots that catch Rojo clean, but Rojo musters a late charge to take the round for me. Rojo 10-9.

Round 7: Martin comes out and is leading once again, throwing a few combination punches. Rojo walks forward again but gets clipped but a couple Martin counterpunches. Rojo lands a straight right to the body, then gets Martin to the ropes and throws a couple of jab-right hook combinations. Hard right hand lands for Rojo. Now Martin lands a clean combination as Rojo takes a breather. Close round but I think Martin just edges it. Martin 10-9.

Round 8: Martin catches Rojo with a check left hook. Rojo charges and presses Martin to the ropes but can't keep Martin there. Low blow lands on Rojo and he gets some time to recover. We're back in action and Martin lands another low blow, which warrants another time out. Rojo attacks again but most of his punches are caught on Martin's guard. Now Rojo is warned about a low blow! My god! This is an awful round to try and score, good thing I'm not giving it a final score. I'm going 10-10 in this one.

Round 9: Martin comes out after his corner yelled at him to be defensively responsible while pressing an attack. Now Martin let goes some shots and pivots back to center ring. Now Martin gets a point deduction for another low blow following three prior warnings. Rojo lands a nice combination but Martin lands a one-two upstairs in return. Rojjo lands a left hook to the body, then throws another combination. Martin is throwing sharper punches, but Rojo is throwing more thudding shots. Martin looks cleaner with his work so I'm going to score this one for Martin but with a point loss. 9-9.

Round 10: Both fighters come out and trade punches at center ring. Rojo lands another straight right to the body, it's been a good punch for him in this fight. Rojo lands a solid left hook to the body. Now Martin tries to walk Rojo back. Martin is getting off now on the outside but Rojo charges forward and presses Martin to the corner. I like Rojo in the final frame. Rojo 10-9.

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