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Canelo vs Golovkin: Kelly Pavlik breaks down the fight

Former middleweight champion Pavlik talks Canelo-GGG.

On the magnitude of the fight

“This is a very important fight. This could be a crossover from being a boxing star to a mainstream athlete star, whoever wins this fight. I think both guys know what’s at stake. It’s gonna be a dandy for however long it lasts.”

On the Canelo-GGG matchup

“I think GGG is the one who gets muscle tired and muscle weary in the middle rounds. Canelo does, too, though. Canelo has his lapses. I don’t bring it up much, because I think GGG gets more fatigued. Not so much cardio, but his arms get heavy. But Canelo does have his lapses. He does take a little time off. He really can’t do that. He has to constantly throw punches, not four or five at a time, but two, three — those lapses, he’s gotta take some of these early rounds and the later rounds. He wants to get these points.”

“Even a couple years ago, when he fought Floyd and everything else, I think he needs to go — he has to fight almost an exact perfect fight. Take the opportunities if GGG is arm tired. When he gets ready to take his little breaks, he has to put in his head, like, ‘I gotta win these rounds, let me throw punches.’ He’s gotta make the moves and hope he don’t get caught. But if he does that, it’s not really a hard thing for him to win that fight.”

On how he’d have fought them

“These guys ain’t seen anything like what I bring. I threw a lot of punches, 80, 90 punches a round, I averaged. I would sit on my power. The worst thing is, I have a hell of a chin. These guys can hit. They’re not gonna be used to hittin’ somebody who’s gonna come right back at them with four or five punches of their own, and who can hit. It’d be something different for them. I stay humble, I don’t ever say, like, ‘I’d go and knock this person out and beat them.’ I think it’d be a great fight for someone like me and GGG.”