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The 13th Round: Canelo vs Golovkin post-fight show

The 13th Round is back! And we’re talking about a fight!

Hey there! Here’s a 13th Round video recap for tonight’s big fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin. With me! Your host! And joining me with their always terrific analysis are Kyle McLachlan and Connor Ruebusch.

Topics covered include:

  • Canelo vs Golovkin, obviously. I mean, DUH.
  • How we all scored the fight!
  • The ~controversy~!
  • Are robbery calls an overreaction?
  • How we thought both men did, like, were they both good, or was someone AWFUL? Just the PITS?
  • What’s wrong with Adalaide Byrd?
  • Was this better than Mayweather-McGregor? Is anything?
  • Is this in the Fight of the Year discussion?
  • Frank Bruno’s all-time P4P status!
  • The fall of capitalism!
  • And more.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the show, and thank you for watching, or, perhaps, listening while not staring at a video, which is also a completely acceptable way to process this good good content featuring the three of us getting the band back together on a big night in boxing.

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