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Canelo-GGG: Gennady Golovkin’s Post-Fight Press Conference

In this post-fight press conference caught by FightHub, Gennady Golovkin and his trainer takes to the dias to talk about their controversial split decision draw with Canelo Alvarez over the weekend.

“This is terrible for sport, for boxing,” Golovkin said. “You know, I’m a champion. This is biggest fight for boxing. If these judges, you know, like today — this is terrible. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.”

“I’m a fighter, I’m a boxer. You know, If second fight the same, for me it’s not my problem, you know. I come into boxing, I come into ring. [Scoring the fight] is not my job. My job only in ring.”

Trainer Abel Sanchez was then asked if he had a feeling coming into this fight that the deck was stacked against them:

“The judges - something has to be done about the decisions here in Vegas like that. It’s just unfair to the fighters.”

Oscar De La Hoya was then asked about the 118-110 scorecard, to which he responded:

“You heard me say it. 118-110 is not - you know - people are scratching their heads. People are, uh, confused. What I mentioned was that I did see Canelo win 7-5. It was a close fight, yes it was. And I do have to admit, in front of Bob [Bennett, the NSAC director] here that 118-110 — and Bob is not the judge — but 118-110, yes, was a bit of a wide spread. But what I am hearing, chatter and social media, I’m hearing ‘look, it was a close fight.’ It was a great fight, actually, because we haven’t seen this type of action in a long time.”

Golovkin then talked about the CompuBox stats:

“I saw computer, you know, all total punches. I saw reaction, people reaction. And for this judges, it’s terrible. For me it’s terrible, you know, just — this is not great, this is very bad for sport.”

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