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Valdez vs Servania: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Oscar Valdez and Gilberto Ramirez look to defend their titles tonight on ESPN.

Top Rank

Tonight at 10:30 pm ET on ESPN, Top Rank returns with a world title doubleheader from Tucson, Arizona, featuring WBO defenses by featherweight Oscar Valdez and super middleweight Gilberto Ramirez.

Mexico’s Valdez (22-0, 19 KO) will headline, facing Filipino challenger Genesis Servania (29-0, 12 KO) in the main event. Valdez is coming off of an April 22 defense against Miguel Marriaga, where he went the full 12-round distance for the first time. Servania last fought on April 29, knocking out Ralph Jhon Lulu in the second round in Japan.

Ramirez (35-0, 24 KO), also of Mexico, is facing Philadelphia’s Jesse Hart (22-0, 18 KO), a physically impressive second generation fighter. Ramirez will have a rare height and reach disadvantage against Hart, and stylistically this could be a very interesting fight. Ramirez last fought on April 22, winning a shutout decision over Max Bursak, while Hart was last seen on April 8, stopping Alan Campa in the fifth round.

Join us tonight for live coverage of all the action!


  • Oscar Valdez def. Genesis Servania by unanimous decision (116-110, 119-111, 117-109)
  • Zurdo Ramirez def. Jesse Hart by unanimous decision (114-113, 115-112, 115-112)
  • Michael Conlan def. Kenny Guzman by TKO (2:59 of round 2)


Oscar Valdez vs Genesis Servania

Round 1: Both guys snapping jabs early to feel it out. Valdez targets the body, mixes things up more than Servania. Better round for Valdez, he showed more to his game than Servania did. That’s likely to hold, I expect. Valdez 10-9

Round 2: Valdez starting fast in this round, mixing up his attack, fully focused, and as Teddy says, his versatility is giving Servania problems. Good left hook counter up top from Valdez stings Servania, but he holds it down and stays in there. He’s tough, but he can’t take a lot of shots like that and hang around forever with Valdez. Servania isn’t fighting poorly, but we’re seeing a difference in class here, I think. Valdez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Valdez starting fast again. Wide shots that are landing or at least glancing and showing up for the judges. Valdez boxing a bit more this round as it goes on, and doing it well. More good body work from Valdez. Valdez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Servania hanging around and landing a few decent shots. He’s going forward all the time, give him that. He’s making this a fight as much as he can. Valdez can just do more. HEY! Servania clips Valdez, but Valdez stumbles and goes down and it’s ruled a knockdown. He got careless there. That may not have been any big knockdown, but it certainly inspired Servania, and he closes the round strong, too. Servania 10-8, Valdez 38-37

Round 5: Valdez trying to reestablish his dominance here, but Servania is standing in the pocket with him and landing scoring shots. Servania has a LOT of confidence at this point. And then GOOM! DOWN GOES SERVANIA! He’s up but he’s hurt! Valdez coming in for the finish now! Hard shots from Valdez landing! Another big shot just as Servania gets his legs back! Crowd going nuts for their guy, Valdez. What a fun fight this one’s turning out to be, too. Valdez 10-8, 48-45

Round 6: Kind of a tense fight now, both guys know the other man can do damage, both guys know it’s a fight. Valdez landing shots, Servania stalking. Servania trying to flurry, Valdez shuts it down quickly. He’s made adjustments. Valdez getting touched with shots still, though. Looping overhand right from Valdez, then Servania fires back with a good flurry to end the round! Servania 10-9, Valdez 57-55

Round 7: I do think Valdez has more to his game, but what Servania does, he’s doing very well, and he’s a tough dude. Man, this is really a fun fight. Servania is doing a great job stealing these rounds late. I don’t think Valdez is dominating the early parts, but I keep shading to him until just those last 20-30 seconds of a round. That’s good work by Servania. Servania 10-9, Valdez 66-65

Round 8: Valdez finally gets himself firmly back in control here, not that he didn’t have an argument especially in the last round, but I liked his work this round. Still, he’s getting touched by Servania plenty, and showing a lot of vulnerability and flaws. Which is great for a TV fight. Valdez 10-9, 76-74

Round 9: Servania still aggressive in his body language, but he’s throwing less punches now and Valdez is doing solid work still, including a hard left to the body with a little over a minute remaining in the round. Valdez is stepping back and not getting caught anymore. Fatigue setting in for both. Valdez 10-9, 86-83

Round 10: Valdez has settled into a groove these last few rounds and that’s continuing. He’s moving around, using angles offensively, landing shots, and has taken away Servania’s offense. Valdez 10-9, 96-92

Round 11: Valdez still in control. This is still OK to watch, but Valdez has pulled away, and Servania’s toughness means we’re probably going the distance even though the fight has become less and less competitive, and even though Valdez can bang. But there was more here than you might have expected. Valdez 10-9, 106-101

Round 12: Servania looking to do something dramatic this round, knowing he needs it. Gotta love that. Fun final round as both guys slug away, Servania hunting for the big blow but not quite finding it, though he’s doing good work, and Valdez picking his shots a bit more carefully. Both just wing both hands at each other in the final few seconds. Fun stuff. Servania 10-9, 115-111

Zurdo Ramirez vs Jesse Hart

Round 1: Hart moving around and keeping a distance early, lands a good right hand. Hart’s movement really limiting Ramirez’s output in this first round, which is going to be a big key for him if he’s going to pull this off. Hart landing well along with showing a good game tactically here. Hart 10-9

Round 2: Hart moving and sticking his jab out still, then BAM! He’s down a little over halfway into the round! He’s up but hurt and now totally on the defensive. Zurdo has plenty of time to work and he’s going to the body and then up top. Hart not tying up, looking to land in return. Ramirez pushes him to the corner, Hart trying to move his head and shove Ramirez back, but gets taken back to the corner. Hard left hand again! And another gets in! Hart staying up! Jelly legs Hart swinging wildly, but Ramirez headhunting too much now and not landing. Ramirez 10-8, 19-18

Round 3: Zurdo looking firmly in control to start this round, too. Hart’s legs back under him a bit, but he just doesn’t look sure of himself right now. Low blow from Zurdo, and Teddy immediately calls out Hart for “playing it up” to buy some time, which he needs. He doesn’t take forever or anything, but he does take a moment. Hart really does lean forward all the time, it’s a very bad habit at this level. But he’s got his legs back and winging some shots now. Good shot lands from Hart. He’s starting to counter, but Ramirez is tagging the body nicely in spots. Right hand from Ramirez. Ramirez 10-9, 29-27

Round 4: Good hook from Ramirez about a minute into the round. He’s clearly the better technician, but Hart is really firing counters with some oomph when he lets them go. Ramirez landing hard body shots now and a good left up top. Ramirez might be breaking his will. Uppercut from Ramirez as Hart leans in on the inside. Ramirez is just battering him at this point. Back to the body again. Ramirez 10-9, 39-36

Round 5: Ramirez remaining in firm control. Hart’s offense just not getting home and Ramirez is landing hard shots almost at will. Not as big a round as the fourth, but that’s hard to top. Hart moving around a little more, still showing a lot of grit, and trying to get himself back into this fight. He’s also slipped on water in the corner a couple times in this round. Ramirez 10-9, 49-45

Round 6: Hart had kind of a moral victory in the fifth, let’s see if he can get himself going for real now. And he does. This is a nice round for him at this point in the fight, and I think he takes it. Ramirez was quieted down and Hart seems to have a little rhythm for the first time since the opening round. Hart 10-9, Ramirez 58-55

Round 7: Ramirez getting his hands moving again. He’s retaking control of the fight handily, maybe he just took the sixth off a little bit, and even then he had an argument to take the round. Hart still throwing a dangerous right, but not landing it with any consistency. He did land a good uppercut. Ramirez 10-9, 68-64

Round 8: Ramirez continues to do good, consistent work in this fight. Hart is staying in there and trying to win, no question, but the technical superiority of Ramirez has proven out in this fight so far. Hart’s landing some good shots, namely his uppercut, but Zurdo pretty much just chewing it up. Ramirez 10-9, 78-73

Round 9: Hart throwing that uppercut with abandon to start this round, thinking he’s got a home for it and trying to impose his will. You gotta respect how he’s stayed in this fight. Hart gets stung with over a minute to go in the round, and Zurdo tries to close in. This time, Hart ties him up. Body work from Ramirez again. Hart with a few uppercuts back! Really good round overall, and I like Hart here. Hart 10-9, Ramirez 87-83

Round 10: Kind of a grueling fight at this point, both guys showing some fatigue, and it’s been come by honestly. Pretty good fight overall, been very interesting on both sides. Nice steadying round for Ramirez. Ramirez 10-9, 97-92

Round 11: Hart really tags Ramirez with a hard right hand halfway into the round, Ramirez in control before that. Ramirez stepped back there. He clearly felt that one. Hart didn’t capitalize, either. Maybe he didn’t realize he’d hurt him. Hart 10-9, Ramirez 106-102

Round 12: Crowd chanting “Mexico! Mexico!” at the opening of the final round, firmly behind Zurdo Ramirez. Hart again landing hard shots, but Ramirez firing back as they trade down the stretch. Listen, this was a solid, interesting fight. I think we have a winner, but it was fun and both guys earned their paychecks. Ramirez 10-9, 116-111