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Linares vs Campbell: Harold Lederman previews the fight

Veteran judge and HBO commentator Harold Lederman sat down with a quick look at Saturday’s HBO World Championship Boxing main event between lightweight titleholder Jorge Linares and Luke Campbell.

Here’s what Harold had to say, in case you can’t watch the video above:

“We’re gonna see one of the real good veteran fighters in the world today, Jorge Linares. He’s been a world champion in three different weight divisions. Recently, he went to England and he beat a kid named Anthony Crolla, top rated lightweight, and the fight was so good they fought again, and Linares beat him a second time.

“Now, he’s fighting against another British kid named Luke Campbell, who’s 17-1, who’s the number one contender for the lightweight title. The HBO fans are gonna love this fight, because Jorge Linares is one of these guys that you really gotta love. Very, very experienced guy, very, very good fighter. Good puncher, good movement, strong.

“I think that he should be very successful against Luke Campbell, who’s only 17-1. Luke hasn’t had that many fights. But be as it may, it gives us a chance to see Jorge Linares once again, because we haven’t seen him in quite a while. I’m looking forward to it.”

Our own preview takes a slightly different look at the fight, as I happen to think Luke Campbell is plenty dangerous, and Jorge Linares plenty vulnerable.

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