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Under the Lights: Canelo vs. Golovkin

Check out HBO’s latest video feature on Canelo-Golovkin.

HBO has just released their newest promotional video for Canelo-Golovkin. It actually debuted over the weekend but is now on YouTube for all to see (geoblocking activity notwithstanding).

Anyway, in this feature we have Max Kellerman having a sit-down chat with Canelo Alvarez, Gennady Golovkin, and Roy Jones Jr. to discuss the September 16th bout. Here are some excerpts from the video.

Canelo on why he thinks this is the most anticipated fight since Mayweather-Pacquiao:

“I think because of the style of the two fighters. Because we both knock out fighters. We’re two fighters who like to fight and I think that, for the people, what the people want to see is a war in the ring. And I think this fight guarantees that.”

Golovkin on if he agrees with the style assessment:

“A hundred percent, Max. Hundred percent style and last couple years we’re both destroyed anybody...anyone.”

Roy Jones on if both fighter’s strengths play into one another:

“I think their strengths are playing into each other is what makes the fight so intriguing. Because [Canelo’s] a helluva counter puncher...great head movement, to stay right under the gun and make you miss and make you pay.

“[Golovkin’s] a real offensive force. So it’s like you have a guy who wants to offend and a guy who wants to make him miss while he offends.”

Canelo of if Golovkin is the perfect opponent to show the best of himself got since he won’t have to go looking for Golovkin:

“I think it’s very different. Very different. Here we’re talking about a totally different style...He is a dangerous fighter because at any second of the 12 rounds he can change the fight with only one blow...We know what the fight is, it’s the most dangerous in our career.”

Golovkin on if Canelo is the most dangerous, most difficult opponent he’s ever faced:

“Yeah, hundred percent.”

Golovkin on if that means he’ll have to put on a better performance than he did against Jacobs:

“Completely different. Daniel, he’s tall guy, you know? Sometimes...this is my emotion, you know, I don’t have emotion with Daniel Jacobs. Right now I’m very excited for this fight, for Canelo. I don’t feel this with Daniel. Daniel, he’s champion, he’s very good fighter, he’s great guy, you know? Excuse me, just right now I have different emotion. Right now it’s my biggest fight that’s coming.”

Canelo on if he plans on countering off the ropes against Golovkin:

“Look, I believe the rivals set the guidelines for doing things, right? You can’t do the same thing to all rivals. The rival gives you the guidelines to know what to do to him. So, my rival is going to give me the guidelines to know what to do in the ring.”

Golovkin on if Canelo has the power to deter him from attacking:

“I think so. I think so because, you know, just, he destroy anybody. He looks very good, he looks beautiful, yeah, he has power...”

Golovkin on what skill he needs to bring to the fight in order to land his monster shots:

“Wow! It’s a good question, Max. You know, I have very good situation for these guys. Canelo, he’s different guy. He’s extra guy. I know he don’t have for me the same situation, [give me the same opportunities]...Canelo, he knows me. And I know him...”