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Carson Jones reflects on ‘bulls**t’ loss to Antonio Margarito

Jones, like many, believe that he was royally screwed on his technical decision loss to Margarito.

Miguel Cotto v Antonio Margarito Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With some time under his belt to really think about the outcome of his technical decision loss to Antonio Margarito last weekend, Carson Jones is still pretty upset with the way things worked out, telling WBN:

“I think it was complete bulls***. I think that Margarito quit on his stool and they conveniently found some way to give him the win and screw me over. Its sad stuff really,” Jones exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Regardless of how the cut got there, it was never ruled a headbutt at all until the ref conveniently ruled it a headbutt in the last round.”

Jones has a legitimate grievance here, as the whole ending played out in rather suspect fashion. In fact, in other statements Jones made immediately following the fight he argued that Margarito simply quit on his stool in order to secure a win.

But Jones believes that fighting Margarito in Mexico sort of set him up for this kind of thing, while also adding that although he would like a rematch (one he’s probably unlikely to get), he’s not even certain if that would really change anything.

Instead Jones says he just hopes that fans see the decision loss for what it really was and that the additional blemish on his record doesn’t negatively impact his career going forward.

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