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Magomed Abdusalamov awarded $22 million settlement

Mike Perez vs. Magomed Abdusalamov
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Russian heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov’s life was forever changed four years ago, when he suffered brain damage in a loss to Mike Perez.

Now, following a 2014 lawsuit filed against the New York State Athletic Commission for “recklessness, gross negligence, and medical malpractice,” New York State has agreed to pay Abdusalamov and his family a $22 million settlement, which “is believed to be the largest personal injury settlement the state ever has made.”

The Abdusalamov family's attorney, Paul Edelstein, characterized the $22 million settlement to ESPN's Outside the Lines as "the state taking responsibility for its actions and paying an appropriate amount for the damages caused -- it was handled by the attorney general's office and Assistant AG Ross Herman in an extraordinarily professional and empathetic way."

This isn’t the end for the Abdusalamov legal team, however, as attorney Edelstein plans to pursue its claims against the three ringside physicians (Anthony Curreri, Osric King, and Gerald Varlotta) and referee Benjy Esteves Jr.

Added Edelstein on pursuing the case in state supreme court: "I'm obviously very pleased about the settlement with the state that provides for Mago and his family, but having these doctors testify in open court may be the best way to show how grievous this was and how screwed up the system of caring for athletes is in an admittedly dangerous sport."

Abdusalamov, now 36, is still paralyzed on his right side, unable to walk, and mostly unable to speak.

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