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Sor Rungvisai vs Gonzalez II: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai and Roman Gonzalez clash again tonight on HBO.


Tonight at 10:15 pm ET on HBO, the super flyweight division takes center stage in Carson, California, with two world title fights and an eliminator on the three-fight bill.

In the main event, Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (43-4-1, 39 KO) and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (46-1, 38 KO) square off again, following a blistering March fight between the two where Srisaket scored a massive and controversial upset. The first fight was great, and there’s no reason to not expect the rematch to be more of the same. Will Gonzalez get revenge, or will Srisaket repeat?

Naoya Inoue (13-0, 12 KO) makes his U.S. debut in defense of the WBO title, meeting Cleveland’s Antonio Nieves (17-1-2, 9 KO) on the undercard. Also, former titleholders Carlos Cuadras (36-1-1, 27 KO) and Juan Francisco Estrada (35-2, 25 KO) do battle in a big WBC eliminator, with the winner in line to take on the main event victor.

It’s a big night from the StubHub Center, and we’ll be here with live results courtesy of Wil Esco. Join us!


  • Srisaket Sor Rungvisai def. Roman Gonzalez by KO (1:18 of Round 4)
  • Naoya Inoue def. Antonio Nieves by TKO (End of Round 6)
  • Juan Francisco Estrada def. Carlos Cuadras by UD (114-113, 114-113, 114-113)


Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Roman Gonzalez

Round 1: Gonzalez comes out and lands a straight right to the body. Rungvisai loads up on two hooks that only partially land. Gonzalez tries to go back to the body but falls short this time. Rungvisai tries to press him and throws three punches that are blocked. An accidental head clash already and Gonzalez is having flashbacks, he's upset about it. Rungvisai doubles up on straight left hands but Gonzalez clips him with a left hook. Rungvisai outworks Gonzalez and takes the opening frame. Rungvisai 10-9.

Round 2: Hard left hand lands for Rungvisai right out the gate. Rungvisai throws five punches but Gonzalez is able to evade them. Gonzalez is trying to pick up the pace a little more now but Rungvisai is attacking and pushing Gonzalez back. Now Gonzalez lands a straight right but Rungvisai is getting off much more often early. Right hook to the body lands for Rungvisai. Gonzalez complains to the referee about a low blow. I think Rungvisai takes this round too based on his activity. Rungvisai 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Rungvisai comes out quick again, going right on the attack for the opening 30 seconds. Now both fighters are mixing it up and trading punches! We have a fight, ladies and gentlemen! Gonzalez lands a right hand downstairs. Another accidential head clash as the fighters come after one another — but no cuts yet. Rungvisai lands a hard left and then a right hook. I have to say it, I've never seen Gonzalez have so much trouble in a fight. Rungvisai 10-9.

Round 4: Hard right hook to the body lands for Rungvisai, who then follows it up with and assault and drops Gonzalez hard! Gonzalez makes it to his feet by the count of 8 but he's in trouble. Rungvisai is just pouring it on Gonzalez now, and Gonzalez is down again on a right hook! It's over! Rungvisai KO-4.

Nayoa Inoue vs. Antonio Nieves

Round 1: Stiff jab lands for Inoue, who then tries to follow it up with a left hook. Nieves tries to counter with a right that just grazes Inoue. Hard left to the body lands for Inoue after setting it up with two punches upstairs. Inoue stops Nieves dead in his tracks with a hard jab. Nieves now tries to go downstairs but Inoue comes right back with a couple of one-two combinations. Inoue 10-9.

Round 2: Inoue comes out with another one-two combination, he's been throwing them regularly. Now Inoue throws a one-two with a left hook to the body. Inoue jabs Nieves back to the ropes and lands another left hook to the body. Nieves throws to the head and body but has his attacked blocked by Inoue. Inoue presses Nieves to the ropes but the fighters get tangles and have to be broken. Inoue gets Nieves moving back again and then lands a chopping right hand. NowNieves looks like he's in a little trouble as he covers up until the bell. Inoue 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Nieves is completely on the defensive right now, looking to cover and occasionally throwing a hard counter hoping to land something big. Inoue slips in a nice counter right uppercut on Nieves. Another hard left to the body lands for Inoue. Inoue continues to jab Nieves back to the ropes and Nieves's face is red as a tomato. NIeves already looks like he's in survival mode. Inoue 10-9.

Round 4: Inoue pumps the jab over and over and is backing up for the first time in the fight. It looks like he wants to let some of the punishment soak in on Nieves. Hard check hook lands for Inoue. Nieves is tying to throw some more punches in this round but Inoue is blocking and evading effectively. Now Inoue is coming back after Nieves and lands another nasty left to the body. Nieves face as the bell sounds tells the story — he was relieved. Inoue 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Inoue is mixing up his power punches now, leading with them more and trying to tee-off on Nieves. Now Inoue throws several hard punches to the head and body of Nieves and it's doing damage. Nieves is on the ropes a lot in this fight as he tries to keep a safe distance from Inoue. Inoue catches up to him and drops Nieves with a left to the body! Nieves gets up at the count of 8 and there's still a minute left in the round. Another left to the body lands for Inoue, then another one, then another one! Inoue is attacking the liver with consistency. Nieves is hurting. Inoue 10-8.

Round 6: Nieves is a dead man walking to be quite honest. He clearly has little left to offer. But out he comes and Inoue walks forward and chases him around the ring, landing hard shots. Another left hook to the body lands for Inoue, then another one. Nieves is almost running away quite literally. Inoue stops center ring and holds his hands up in the air as if to ask if Nieves even wants to fight any more. Inoue waves Nieves on but Nieves is just trying to not get badly hurt. Now Inoue comes in with both his hands down with nothing but contempt for Nieves. This fight was over before this round started. After the bell sounds Nieves' trainer calls off the fight. Inoue TKO-6.

Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Carlos Cuadras

Round 1: Estrada comes out and lands a jab to the body, then a check hook as Cuadras lunges in. Cuardeas whiffs on a left hook to the body and then tries to follow it up with a combination which Estrada evades. Cuardras attacks again but walks into a Estrada left hook. Estrada continues to counter Cuadras' aggression well early. Now Cuardras gets in a couple punches on Estrada. No real feeling out period here. Close round but I kind of liked Estrada's counter punching here. Estrada 10-9.

Round 2: Cuadras comes out and lands a straight right to the body. Cuadras throws three punches but Estrada blocks them all. Cuadras picking up the aggression and combination punching a bit. Hard jab to the body lands for Cuadras. Estrada is allowing Cuadras to lead more now but isn't countering nearly as much this round, probably due to Cuadras punching in combination more. Cuadras 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Cuadras comes out right back on the attack, pressing Estrada and throwing in combination. Now Estrada clips Cuadras with a left hook, in a show of bravado Cuadras attacks right back with several hard punches. Cuadras rushes forward again and misses several before landing a left hook at the end. Cuadras jabs to the body and head and they both land cleanly. Estrada tries to come back but Cuadras is game. Cuadras 10-9.

Round 4: Estrada comes out and continues to let Cuadras get off first and Cuadras is taking advantage of it to throw several punches at a time. Now Estrada is pressing forward trying to change up the momentum in the fight. Cuadras doubles up on left hooks upstairs with good success. Cuadras is looking comfortable in there as he switches to a southpaw stance every once in a while just to show that he can. Cuadras 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Cuadras surprises Estrada by sneaking in an uppercut in a combination to start the round. Now the two get inside and Estrada throws several clean body shots at Cuadras as the fighters had only one hand tied up. Now Estrada lands a sick uppercut which snaps Cuadras' head straight up! Now Cuadras is back to getting off first and mixing in combination punches which is keeping Estrada frozen in spots. Now the two look like they are ready to throw caution to the wind and just mix it up. Cuadras 10-9.

Round 6: Estrada seems to know he's fallen behind in the fight and is trying to press the action again, but even with Cuadras backing up he's able to pick Estrada off with punches and dance away. Three jabs land for Cuadras as Estrada walks forward. Hard right uppercut lands for Estrada. Estrada is making a stand in this fight and is unloading some real hard shots on Cuadras this round. Cuadras tries to come back but falls short. Estrada 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Cuadras is back to switching from orthodox to southpaw but Estrada is undeterred at this point. Hard jab lands for Estrada! And another one! Estrada unloads five hard punches on Cuadras. It looks like Estrada is coming on now. Left hook upstairs for Estrada during an exchange. Straight right lead lands for Estrada, with Cuadras trying to regain control. Estrada 10-9.

Round 8: Estrada comes out and lands a clean hard jab straightaway. Cuadras tries a looping right hook that misses by a good margin. Four hard punches come from Estrada, landing at least two of the cleanly. Now Estrada is back to countering both Cuadras' movement and punches, landing a nice counter right hand. Another uppercut lands for Estrada. The tide seems to have turned in this fight, though Cuadras is still resisting as much as he can. Another clean right hand lead lands for Estrada as Cuadras turns southpaw. Estrada 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Cuadras is mounting a stand here and letting his hands go before Estrada can get set-up. Now Cuadras lands a right uppercut that snaps up Estrada's head! Estrada is trying to walk Cuadras down but Cuadras is meeting him with punches and stepping aside, then throwing more punches. Two jabs to the body and head land for Cuadras. That has been a good combination for him in this fight. Cuadras 10-9.

Round 10: Cuadras throws four punches at Estrada out of the gates. Now Estrada throws three hooks at Cuadras. Monster right hand from Estrada drops Cuadras! Cuadras beats the count but Estrada is all over him now, going on an all out assault! Cuadras weathers the storm for the moment. Estrada 10-8.

Round 11: Estrada lands a hard left hook early in the round. Now Cuadras dances forward and tries to catch Estrada to no avail. Estrada keeping the pressure on but Cuadras looks like he's recovered well from the knockdown in the last round. Estrada lands a jab. Cuadras lands a left hook, then takes one back. Several uppercuts lands for Estrada at the bell and then he bows to the crowd. Estrada 10-9.

Round 12: A lot of messy action in the final round. Cuadras is trying to step on the gas pedal but Estrada looks like he has more on his shots right now. Hard left hook lands for Estrada. Cuadras pushes forward and unloads a number of punches with Estrada on the ropes but then Estrada lands two of his own afterwards. Hard left hand lands for Estrada. Yikes. That's a hard round to score. I think Estrada landed the best punches of the round. Estrada 10-9. I've got the fight 115-112 for Estrada. That said, this is a fight had a lot of close rounds.